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(Elizabeth POV)
After waiting a little while in the lunch the bell finally rung to tell everyone to head to first period. I took my time walking. I was thinking about Xeta, what did he go through, that question kept ringing through my head. I just saw him days ago, smiling, happy! What happened?
When I made it to my first period he was there. Unlike where he would look at the door for me to come if he got there early he just sat there looking at the desk. I took my time walking over to my desk which was right next to his. When I did sit down he didn’t even realize. I had to tap his shoulder to even get his attention. His new, red eyes opened wide and the slits thinned to looking like just a line. I was positive now, contacts are great and all but they did not do what those just did. He finally took notice of me and just stared at me. While he did I couldn’t help but look at the scar on his neck. It really got healed, it looked like when he had it made it had fully healed now.
“Hey Xeta.” I said calmly. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t being forceful even though I wanted to know what happened. To reply he gave me a wave.
“So I, you know you made me worry about you y’know? I got worried that something bad happened to you.” He had just looked down sadly when I said that.
“Xeta, wh-“ Before I could finish the bell rung and our teacher started speaking.
“Good morning class!” Our math teacher Ms. Jones stated. She then shut the door and walked to the front desk where she dawned a serious expression. “Now I was going to start this class differently than what I am about to do but something serious came up.” Wait did she know?
“I have to point this out to everyone who doesn’t know. An accident occurred three days ago. If you didn’t know who he was, Xeta our student up here in the blue and black long coat, and off-topic but I really do like it Xeta!” She exclaimed. He gave her a small smile and then she continued.
“Anyway, three days ago an accident occurred, Xeta’s home had burned down.” She stated sadly. What I looked over at Xeta and he dawned a somber expression.
“His house caught fire and during it he tried to get out, when he did a piece of glass cut his neck. To cut it short Xeta can no longer speak.” WHAT!? My eyes had grown wide and I was about to shed tears. I took a look at Xeta and he gave me a look with his new eyes that said “I am sorry.”
“Please if you can try to give him support, not only did he lose his home but, his family was not able to escape the fire, I will not say anymore on that subject as I was told not to. Please just have him in your thoughts students.” My eyes widened even more, I just gave him the same look but he wasn’t looking at me anymore. He just looked down in thought. I noticed all the other students giving him looks of shock and sadness. Some of them didn’t know him well but they weren’t soulless and they understood that this wasn’t a joke. I knew it wasn’t either, a teacher would not announde something like that unless this was real. It made sense why he didn’t want to talk, not only did he not want to but he couldn’t! I didn’t know what to do or what to say. After thinking for a minute I did the only thing I could do. I gave him a hug.
I had my eyes closed as I hugged him. I felt him hesitate before he finally decided to return it. I noticed something strange when I did though. When I hugged him it felt like his head and neck were smaller. Like the person I was seeing wasn’t the person I was hugging. Another thing I noticed when I hugged him was that his neck was furry, and when his arms wrapped around me his hands felt off. Not only were they fuzzy but his hands felt weird too, but at that time I didn’t care, he needed this now. Once it was finally over and I opened my eyes I still saw the same person I had grown up with. I didn’t talk for the rest of the class period. There was nothing to talk about, and there was nothing he could say….. Why did this happen to him!?
Out of every person who is garbage, trash, sadistic, and just plain evil! WHY HIM, THE ONE PERSON WHO TRULY CARED FOR ME!
While in my thoughts I hadn’t noticed Xeta slid something on to my desk. I looked down and saw he had written me a note. It said, “Are you okay?”
I gave him a look of shock, “Me?..... What about you, I should ask that question!” I stated seriously. He gave me a small smile and took the note back. He started writing but funny thing is he was only writing with three fingers, maybe he had always done that and I just hadn’t noticed. He handed the note back after a minute and I read it.
It said, “No, I don’t think I will be for a while, but I am glad you are here and you helping me out, thank you.”
“Xeta, you don’t have to thank me, you would do the same for me.” He gave me a soft smile. For the rest of the class we just used the paper and pencil to talk. I would give my opinion of something and he would write his opinion down on the paper. It wasn’t the best thing in the world, but we were talking, and that is all that mattered. It didn’t matter if I couldn’t hear him, all I had to do was see what he had to say.
Second period came around and we still used the same method of communicating. The teacher gave the same speech about what happened like Ms. Jones did. Since we had already heard it we just kept doing the same method. But the teacher saw what we were doing and came up to us.
“Oh! Passing notes I see, well since you are so interested in passing notes young woman why don’t you read it out to the class!” Mr. Cormin said.
So I got up in his smug face, “Okay then!” I walked up to the front of the class while Mr. Cormin looked smug, some of the students seemed interested, and Xeta was just shocked to see me get that way.
I then read the note, “Yes, when I jumped out the window a piece of glass lodged into my leg, I had to pull it out so I could even walk.” The students were all giving me weird looks and Mr. Cormin just looked confused.
“Want to know what that was Mr. Cormin? This right here, is the only form of communication between me and Xeta, as you said a minute ago he can’t speak so it is the only way he can talk. He was telling me about how he escaped from his house while it was on fire. So Mr. Cormin unless you want to get reported to my counselor I suggest that you show a little more decency than this.” I then sat back in my desk and just waited for him to move. The rest of the class was grinning or laughing and the teacher got stunned. He went back to giving the lesson after I had said that.
I looked over to Xeta and saw him with a impressed smile. He continued to have the same smile as he handed me a note. I read it off and it said, “Nice one!” With the exclamation added to the end. I told him thanks as usual.
We then worked on our assignment until it was time to go. I asked if he would be all right on his own and he nodded to confirm. I went to my third and fourth periods and nothing really special happened. I was hoping that Xeta was okay during these periods, but he always told me he had a good fourth period teacher, so hopefully he would be okay. After my two periods finished I headed to lunch and waited at the same table we always sat at. I waited for Xeta to come but then I realized something important.
He did not have his lunch! He always kept it on him but today he didn’t, he said he would always make it, but that would be hard if you didn’t have a place to put food! Oh no… I KNOW! When he gets here I will buy him lunch! Oh wait, he doesn’t like the school food….. WAIT! I can get him something from the vending machine! That will work.
I then noticed him walking over to me and….. He had a plate of pizza, and not school pizza but the good kind from a restaurant. He waved at me with a smile and sat down.
“Xeta what? How did you get this, I thought you told me before you don’t have money in your account?” He took out a piece of paper and started writing on it. Once he finished he handed it to me to read it.
I then read from the paper, “My fourth period teacher Mrs. Leonhart got the class pizza. But she told me after class it was to help me with what happened.”
I looked up at him in shock, “Wow! You have a really good teacher.” He nodded in agreement. As we sat there a couple of people came up and were asking questions. Some people asked about the scar but the main question was about his eyes. People kept asking how his eyes were like that and why they changed from the ocean blue color they once had to the piercing crimson they now were. He wrote down something on the piece of paper and it said to read the following to everyone.
I then read the note, “When my neck got cut blood started running out. But some of the blood from the wound got sent to my head since I was laying down. When it did it sent the blood to my eyes and it mixed with the irises.  Thus they changed from Blue to the crimson that they now were. It seemed weird that something like that would happen but most people don’t survive a slash to the neck either, I am so glad he is okay. Once lunch finished up he waved to me as he headed on to his next classes. The rest of the classes for the day were really boring. I also couldn’t really focus on them either because I was so worried about Xeta and how he was doing. After my last three classes were over it was finally time to go.
I wanted to do something special though, I was going to go see Xeta at the bus ramp before I went with my mom. When I got there I didn’t see him there. I thought he would be here, maybe I missed his bus. I got dissapointed I didn’t get to see him but when I got to the car ramp I got my surprise.
Xeta was there! He was waiting for me at the car ramp and when he saw me he waved me over. I didn’t waste any time going over to him.
Once I finally made it over to him I started first, “You came to see me off!?” I asked.
He gave me an approving nod when I asked that.
“Funny thing was I was trying to see you off!” We both got a laugh out of it and when he laughed it sounded like growling, I guess his voice box still made noise but couldn’t produce words. We did our own little talking ritual that we had done the day and we just kept speaking to each other until my mom showed up. Which she took her sweet time doing, guess she couldn’t bother to try to get me earlier, I would probably hear that I need to get strong so I can succeed them or whatever. My mom finally did show up and she told me to come on.
Before I got in the car I turned to Xeta. “Thanks Xeta…. You know I have thought a lot today, the thought that I almost lost you has driven me crazy today. That day before this happened could have been the last day I would have seen you. I just keep thinking that this is a sign, that if I don’t do something now, then I will never get the chance. I have to make this choice, and there is no way you can say it so…” Before he could even try to speak I gave him a kiss on the cheek with my eyes closed. Again it felt fuzzy but when I looked he was still him. I saw him reach his hand up to his cheek and hold it. He was blushing heavily and so was I.
“There is no need to thank me, let us try to plan something at some point okay!”  I saw his eyes go wide and a smile start to form on his face. He quickly nodded with a big, cheeky grin. I think that was the happiest I had seen him all day. I had gotten in my mom’s car while getting hell from her about what I just pulled. As we drove off I took a look back at Xeta and noticed something. He had lifted his hood over his head and all of a sudden he just got shorter! I don’t really know how to explain it but it looked like in a mere second he lost about a foot of his height! He also got skinnier and the coat seemed to fit him better than it did. It now fit over his whole body as some sort of cloak! I was curious about what just happened but what really confused me was what happened next.
Instead of going toward the bus ramp he started running down the road. As he ran he got faster, and faster! But then the car got to a point to where I couldn’t see him anymore. What was that? What did  just see happen!? Didn’t he ride the bus? How was he so fast, he seemed to even get faster as he kept going.
My mom turned to me, “What has you so spooked?” She questioned.
I took one last look back before turning to my mom, “Nothing, I think I was just seeing things.”
The car ride was as boring as ever and when we got to the house I took my time to get my stuff together. I sat down at my desk in my room and opened my backpack. I was going to get my homework done before I did anything else. When I did open my backpack I noticed there was a piece of paper folded neatly in my backpack.
I didn’t put that there. I don’t remember at least. When I opened up the fold there was a message. It was simple but it got the message I wanted.
Written on the paper was, “See you tomorrow!”
At the bottom it had a name signed, Xeta.
And here is chapter 2! Seems like it didn't take me too long to get it out but that doesn't mean it is bad! I hope you all enjoyed it and i will see you in the next one!Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (PMD) - Lucario (happy)…
First:Project X Chapter 1 Night of Tragedy 
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Now we come to the interesting part^^ He also has the power to transform into a Lucario... interesting...
XetaJTS Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
I will get to what he is and what happened later but let us just say it isn't as simple as just turning into a Lucario. I hope you enjoy this new story! Quick question i haven't heard from you in a while but have you kept up with Revival or did you just take a break from it, just curious because again i hadn't heard from you in some time my friend.Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (PMD) - Lucario (happy) 
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Yes, I enjoy the story and I'm looking forward to your explanation^^

Just because I don't write to every chapter, doesn't mean I don't read it. Don't get sad when you don't hear from me in a while. I have in the moment many different projects I'm working on, including RL stuff.
XetaJTS Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Gotcha! Good to hear you are keeping up! Thanks for letting me know! Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (PMD) - Lucario (happy) 
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