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As i said before i love this piece but i want to give a fair critique. The originality, vision and impact are great! Instead of going w...

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Project X Chapter 20 For the ones I love (Part 2) :iconxetajts:XetaJTS 4 9
Project X Chapter 19 For the ones I love (Part 1)
It was Wednesday, today was the day. I called Bruce over the previous night and we were able to set up our fake bombs. We used come tin foil wrapped around paper towel rolls and tape them together around the clocks. It was very easy, but they were noticeable. Thankfully however that place was dark as hell so it wouldn’t be very easy. Hopefully they would buy into the trap, and hopefully not backfire.
Thankfully Bruce and I can easily walk back to the school on foot, didn’t take us long, maybe twenty minutes. On the way we talked about how if things went south I would literally run us out of there, f*** the car.
Once we were at the school I went to the lunch room to hang out with Elizabeth. Sunny was sitting next to her however. I sat down and waved at them.
“Hey Xeta!” Elizabeth said.
“What’s happening?” Sunny asked.
I just shrugged my shoulders.
“Well guess nothing then, as usual here,” Sun
:iconxetajts:XetaJTS 2 4
Picnic Accident (Gift to a bunch of people) by XetaJTS Picnic Accident (Gift to a bunch of people) :iconxetajts:XetaJTS 15 13 Pokemon Revival Comic chapter 1 page 12 by XetaJTS Pokemon Revival Comic chapter 1 page 12 :iconxetajts:XetaJTS 7 24 Pokemon Revival Comic Chapter 1 Page 11 by XetaJTS Pokemon Revival Comic Chapter 1 Page 11 :iconxetajts:XetaJTS 3 8
Pokemon Revival Chapter 54 Scars
I woke up with a stretch and a yawn, letting all of my limbs, including my tail, get back their ability to move properly. I took a look up at the ceiling with my crimson eyes and just stayed there for a moment until I felt like moving. After staring at the ceiling for about two minutes I looked over to the right.
Laying down in Lucario’s bed was the shiny zoroark I helped yesterday. She seemed to have squirmed around a lot in her sleep, because the blanket and pillows were thrown around. I decided that I would start on breakfast for everyone, maybe fruit this time.
After walking out of the room and letting her rest I had realized something. I actually slept well for the first time in forever. I never thought I’d be able to get another good night’s rest, but yet I did. It felt good, and I mean really good to finally not have a nightmare.
I took a look around the house with my aura, again forgetting that I was able to do that…. Why do I forget
:iconxetajts:XetaJTS 4 13
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The White Death Ch1 :iconmaxmagicbanana:maxmagicbanana 2 2
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JoJo Reference by UnversedLupine JoJo Reference :iconunversedlupine:UnversedLupine 26 16
Fire of the Delphox (REMASTERED): Chapter 1
I felt someone pull a hand out from under my head, and before I could react, I felt my face smack against the desk with a “THUD!” The chorus of laughter then filled my ears as I pulled my face up from my desk. I rubbed my eyes to get the sleep out of them, and I was greeted to my teacher looming over me with a stern look on his face. His fierce eyes seemed to pierce my very being.
“How many times have I told you: DON’T SLEEP IN MY CLASS!”
“Sorry Mr. Harper,” I said ashamed.
“If I catch you sleeping in class again, I’m giving you a detention!” he said angrily. He turned around and walked back towards the front of the room. “Now, as I was saying, to find the value of X, we must…” I was listening as well as I could, but my attention was turned from the teacher to the boy next to me as he whispered my name.
“Tad, what was that all a
:iconthunderus-the-wolf:Thunderus-the-Wolf 9 17
Winners Announcement!
Ohayõ Minna San! >vO
It's Time to declare who won! Eeek! I can't wait!
hm!? Already 6 PM and it's the 10th of July! oh yay!
sa~ you're Ready to learn Who won!?
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:iconkizouriin:Kizouriin 56 430
Grass and rock type lapras. by MoonMan246 Grass and rock type lapras. :iconmoonman246:MoonMan246 2 9 Short (and lazily done) comic by LucarioOcarina Short (and lazily done) comic :iconlucarioocarina:LucarioOcarina 47 20 Tragedy 1(original by XetaJTS) by JulieKao Tragedy 1(original by XetaJTS) :iconjuliekao:JulieKao 3 1 Pathways by LucarioOcarina Pathways :iconlucarioocarina:LucarioOcarina 42 3 Kara. (In the dark zone). by MoonMan246 Kara. (In the dark zone). :iconmoonman246:MoonMan246 3 3
A Reminder
We are all connected like the grapes on the vine, ready to snap at the blink of an eye, whether it be via difference,
Must we all fight in a fake war? One motivated by our thoughts,
The chances of us ever gaining profit from our “Crusade” is nil.
We all bleed the same.
We all die eventually.
We can choose to help one another out though. Isn’t that what humanity stands for? Is it really “human beings collectively",
Or is it just one grand lie to keep us in false hope.
We can’t forget we have the chance.
The chance we can unite as one, one successful swarm in this hive we decide to call Earth.
Just a reminder.
:iconunversedlupine:UnversedLupine 4 7
Aura in the Water by STARWARRIOR001 Aura in the Water :iconstarwarrior001:STARWARRIOR001 8 5 BW Portrait by ColorfullyMonotone BW Portrait :iconcolorfullymonotone:ColorfullyMonotone 120 30 [COM] Cute Witch by rainbow000pegasus [COM] Cute Witch :iconrainbow000pegasus:rainbow000pegasus 30 38 The Return of Hiccup by RioluFan1987 The Return of Hiccup :iconriolufan1987:RioluFan1987 24 78



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“Ten minutes is up!” We heard the man from before say.

We all looked up at the monitor to see that it was an image of a dog this time, a bulldog to be exact.

“Oh, I guess that makes sense, the other half of Duo is a dog,” Jarrel said.

The dog smiled, “Pretty clever huh?”

I interjected, “More like pretty simple, could’ve been a little more creative y’know?”

“Why you little! What would you have chosen then!?” The male Duo said.

Rei spoke up, “What about a blue Jay and a red Jay? Or a lion and a tiger, or a dolphin and shark, or even a demon and an angel!”

“Basically what he said,” Jarrel pointed.

The dog gave a huff, “No wonder she warned me about you three, anyway your game is ready for you to play!”

I intervened, “Hey!”

“What!?” He asked.

“You are keeping us here, so about we come up with a better name for you two?” I said.

“Sorry, but we go by Duo,” The bulldog said.

“What about a nickname?” Rei asked.

“A nickname?” The dog asked.

“Yeah, so we…. have something to call each of you,” Rei said shyly.

“CD, and DD,” Jarrel said.

“What?” We all asked in unison.

He explained, “Cat Duo, and Dog Duo, makes sense?”

“Oh, yeah!” I said.

DD looked down, “Fine, fine! I guess that will work, whatever you want to call us, do as you please, NOW! If you would please, head down hall ‘A’ and we will decide your next game room!”

We looked around the room until we saw the hallway marked on the side with an A. We walked down it to find a few doors.

“Which do we take?” Rei asked.

“I’m not too sure,” I said truthfully.

Just then the intercom turned on, “Please enter room A-137,” D Duo said.

We looked up and down until we found the right room. The room was dark and void of life from what we could tell.

“Please enter,” D Duo said.

We were skeptical of going in. All of us hesitated to enter.

Jarrel spoke, “Guys…. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if we don’t do this we’re never getting out of here, it’s either we play the game or not, and you know what happens if the answer is not.”

I looked down and so did Rei. Even though Jarrel sounded calm I knew he was just as scared as Rei and I, he puts on a brave face, but I’ve known him long enough to know that it’s just a face. He knows that we have to do this to live, and I knew it as well.

“You’re right, let’s go!” I said.

“B-but….I don’t,” Rei started.

Jarrel got on one knee in front of Rei, “Rei listen, no matter what, Fia and I will do anything we can to make sure all of us stay alive, and definitely to make sure you do as well.”

Rei shook his head, “But I-I’m…. I’m scared…. I just…. I want to go home….”

Jarrel put a hand on Rei’s shoulder, “Rei, we’re scared too, but we need to be brave ok, I know that is going to be hard to do, but we have to work together, can you do that?”

Rei looked down, and I presumed he was thinking about what Jarrel just said. I had to agree with Jarrel, I was scared too, being somewhere you don’t usually go is already scary enough, but knowing you could die is and even worse thought.

I saw Rei lift his head up, wipe his eyes, and nodded bravely, “I will, I will be!”

Jarrel and I both smiled in that moment. We all entered confidently into the dark room, and once we did the door shut on us, and we heard a very distinctive sound of metal. The door must’ve locked.

“Guess… There’s no going back, huh Jarrel?” I asked.

“What do you mean, we’re already at the point of no return, nothing changed from this room to the last,” He said.

“He’s got a point,” Rei said.

I gave out a huff, “Yeah, guess you’re right….”

As before the lights with a loud sound came to life, their glow illuminating our surroundings. Our eyes didn’t have time to adjust so it took us a minute to be able to see in said room. Our eyes met with a grey colored room. One of the walls was lined with computer monitors, some of them being on. This appeared to be a surveillance room, but it was for a specific set of cells, not for the area we were just in.

“Wait, is this a surveillance room?” I asked.

“Seems like it…. But why is the only looking at this specific set of cells,” Rei asked.

Jarrel surprisingly had the answer we were both searching for, “Death row,” He said.

My body tensed up when I heard that, “So this is where…?”

“Yeah, this is where inmates spend they’re last hours on earth, well the cells at least. I remember on that field trip that we actually went into the area with the death row inmates….. I couldn’t look a single one of them in the eye,” He explained.

“Why’s that?” Rei asked.

“I couldn’t bear to look at someone, who I knew was going to die. Even though I knew they probably did something horrible, I still felt like I shouldn’t look, I don’t know why, I just couldn’t,” He explained.

“I remember you telling me this, it would probably be hard to look at someone who you knew was going to die, it makes sense, in some way it does,” I said, “I guess I didn’t really understand when you first told me, but I guess looking at the cells myself, I can see why it makes sense…”

“Yeah… It’s just fear, kind of like you with…well…” Jarrel started but stopped himself.

I looked down in shame, “Y…yeah…”

Rei looked at both of us with a confused and expecting look, “Wait, what do you guys mean?”

Before we could even start to think about explaining the rest of the room lit up, and we saw that in the room, between a large piece of glass, was another man, who looked to be in his thirties.

“All right! Enough chit chat!” DD said, “Welcome to the next game!”

We all looked up at the intercom above us.

“So our next game is in here?” I asked.

“Yep, yes, and yeah! Now for a bit of an explanation! Between you is a set of soundproof glass! Now why soundproof? Well because you will be competing with your opponent, or opponents in your case mister Craw! Now what are the stakes for this game?! YOUR LIVES!!” He said.

“What else would it have been?” Jarrel asked.

DD then continued, “Now then the rules! On your exit doors is a locked input device, your goal in this game is to fin the key to unlock the casing, while also finding the code to open the door. Simple right?! Now here’s a little extra tidbit, Craw your opponents have a harder game to play then you, you have a simpler game, while they have an advantage in numbers. While you only have one lock on your box, they have three!”

Rei went over to check our box, “He’s right!”

“Now there is no time limit for this game, once one of you wins the game is over, but the other side will get penalized….!” DD said.

“So it’s a race that the loser ends up dying….” I said.

“Now then…Let the game begin in three…. Two…. One… GO!” DD yelled.

The man on the other side started to squirm around the room he was in looking for a way out, while I still stood there frozen in fear. I didn’t want this, I didn’t want anyone to die!

Jarrel shook me, “FIA! This is not the time! If what Duo said is true, then if we lose we die, we have to play! Do you understand!”

“But we’ll be killing-“ I started.

Jarrel had cut me off half way, “Look over there! That man on the other side of this glass has no intentions of letting us live, even though we have a kid!”

I looked at the man again, he was searching that room up and down, not even caring we were there, he was trying to leave without a second thought! What a heartless monster, we had a kid with us!

“Okay! Okay! Let’s look for the keys!” I said angered.

“Right!” Jarrel replied.

I looked around the room to see if there was anywhere I could look for a key. I noticed that Rei was looking at the monitors. I don’t know why he was but I had to look for the keys. There were some file cases in the room. I started to search through the drawers to find files on some of the criminals here. Most of these files were old, having black and white photographs. After my quick investigation I quickly pulled out all of the files in the drawers. The first one I looked through had nothing in it. I pulled out all the files in the second, nothing again. The third drawer came up with nothing as well.

“What!? I could’ve sworn one could be in here!” I screamed.

Jarrel was looking in a drawer on a cabinet, “Did you look in the files?!”

“What?” I asked.

“A key small enough could fit in one, check them to see!” He said.

“B-but which one?!” I asked.

“I-I don’t know!! Just look through them!!!” Jarrel said in a pressured tone.

I started dumping out the files to see which could have it. Some were bigger though and couldn’t be dumped. Think, think! Which one could have it…..?

It might be a long shot, but what if….?

I picked up a file labeled ‘K’ and started to look through it. Sure enough my guess was correct and I came out with my prize, a key!

“YES! I found one!!” I screamed.

Jarrel was quiet, but from the drawer he was searching, “Yes! I got one too! That just leaves one more!”

“Ok um…. Jarrel you search for the last key, Rei and I will start figuring out the password!” I ordered.

“Got it!” He said.

Rei had been standing at the monitors the whole time we were searching.

I asked, “Rei what….what are you doing?”

He pointed at the screens, “Look, in the cells, do you see that!?”

I took a look at what he was talking about. The first few I looked at were nothing, but then in one I noticed that the wall had a symbol.

“is that, some kind of symbol?” I asked.

“Yeah, go look at the keypad real quick, go tell me if there is any difference or label of some kind!” He said.

I quickly ran over to it and looked. It had a piece of glass I could look through. Inside I saw the three keypads. Next to the top one was a label that had, “A-C.” On the second label was, “D-F.” Then on the third was, “G-I.”

I quickly went back to Rei and reported my findings.

“I see,” He started, “Okay then, we need to memorize the symbols in the rooms!”

I took a look and saw each set of monitors had three symbols each!

“Right we put the codes in from top to bottom! Each set has three!” I exclaimed.

“Yeah I thought that too,” Rei said.

I was confused by his response, “Wait what?”

He pointed above the monitors, “Look above!”

I took a look and saw that now, if you go down, the monitors were in sets of three, each labeled with a letter.

“OH! I see now! A to C, so there are three symbols in rows A to C!” I figured out.

“The same for D-F, and G-I,” He said.

“Alright then, let’s figure out the symbols and the order!” I said.

“Go grab a file! Let’s write this down!” Rei said.

I did as was told and as I did I saw Jarrel still searching for that last key. I also saw that the guy was already checking his monitors! Did he already find a key!? NO! Stop worrying, we’ve got this!

I brought over the file and Rei handed me a pen!

“Alright, just call out the symbols as you can describe them best!” I said.

“Ok!” He looked at the monitors, “Star, L, Hand!”

I wrote that down.

“Arrow, moon, sun!” He said and I copied.

“Snake, apple, tree!” He finished and I copied.

Jarrel ran over to us yelling, “Guys! I found the last key! Let’s move!”

“Right!” We said in unison.

Jarrel quickly inserted the last key and unlocked the keypad. As He did Rei stepped up to the input and told me to call out the shapes again.

“Star, L, Hand!” I called off.

With the sounds of beeping I saw Rei click the buttons till he got the shapes he wanted on the top row.

“Next!” He said.

“Arrow, Moon, Sun!” I called out again.

The same beeping continued, then quickly concluded.

“Last ones!” He said.

“Snake, App-“ Before I could finish a loud noise stopped me.

On the intercom sounded a large blaring sound. We quickly turned our heads to look at the man in the other room. He had clicked the insert button on his keypad! Our eyes opened in complete shock, we were a second, just a second behind him from winning. He was able to get the password in right before we did.

The intercom started again, and a robotic voice played, “Team B, that password is, INCORRECT, please try again.”

As soon as we heard that the man freaked out and I turned my head to Rei!

“SNAKE! APPLE! TREE!!!” I yelled. Rei quickly got the symbols onto the keypad and clicked the insert button!

The intercom let out a chiming sound this time! Did we do it?

A second later the robotic voice came on again, “Team A, that password is, CORRECT, congratulations.”

An unlocking sound was heard from our door, signaling us that we could leave! We all started screaming with joy, glad to have survived, but to ruin our celebration the intercom came on.

It was DD’s voice, “Uh, oh…. Craw got the penalty! Let’s all give him an around of applause, he got the consolation prize!”

Just then the intercom seemed to switch over, and we could hear the voice of that man, Craw, “NO! You can’t do this to me! I won’t let you!”

“Now, now, no reason to get excited here, you’re gonna get your prize, no need to rush!” DD said ignoring him.

“NO!” He started banging on the door, then he came over to the glass, “YOU THREE DID THIS! I WONT LET YOU GET AWAY WITH THIS!!!”

“Now for the prize!!” DD intervened. Just then the sprinklers on that side opened up and started pouring out liquid all into the room, while also drenching Craw.

“What the hell is this!? What is….” He paused for a minute.

Everyone on our side of the glass was skeptical of what was going on, they just used the sprinkler system, what gives?

“NO! NO!” Craw started screaming, “LET ME OUT! LET ME OUT NOW!!!”

“Enjoy your gift!” DD said.

Just then one of the monitors on his side exploded, causing sparks to fly…..and that was all that was needed.

Suddenly, like a flash of lightning, starting at the monitors, and going around, and up the walls and glass of that side of the room, fire spread throughout the entirety of the room. The flame grasped onto every item and every fiber of the room, engulfing itself wherever it need be, including the man.

The man, who was in the center of the room, caught the full force of the flame, the sudden combustion causing him to be knocked onto his back, the flames engulfing him, much like everything else encased in that liquid.

The sudden explosion of flame had caused me to gasp in fear, Rei latching onto me for comfort from the shock. Jarrel on the other hand stood there in silence, his eyes wider then dinner plates on what he was experiencing.

The man who had been sent to the floor, had now begun to scream. With his body engulfed in flames, he tried to relieve himself by going to the floor to stop, drop, and roll. But in his state of panic he must’ve not realize the situation he was in, all he did was roll fresh new flames onto his body. Once he realized the futility of his efforts he started to call for help, screaming to anyone who could, which was no longer plausible. His skin I noticed had started to lose mass, and burn, causing wounds to appear, and I knew what would be coming next. Because of that thought I was frozen in place, with Rei who used my body to close one ear, and his free hand to his other.

Just then the man ran up to the glass banging on it. His voice still played over the intercom, and it was now distorted, and liquidly, as if he was choking!

“YyyOoouuUuu, DddDiiiIIiiDddD, ThHHIiiIsSssSS!!!” He said with his face up to the glass.

His face was no longer recognizable, his hair now gone, with bleeding burns now adorning his face. But it wasn’t just his look, it was his expression, that dawned more fear into me. It was on of pure rage, and agony.

He started to let out an ear splitting, and stomach churning scream, as the flames started to bring him back into their unyielding clutches.

As he continued to scream I felt someone tightly grip my arm, and also looked down to see the same person had grabbed Rei’s. I got a quick look to see it was Jarrel who had grabbed us. Before Rei or I could even speak he quickly threw us out of the room and out into the hall. On his way out he quickly slammed the door shut, the screams no longer able to be heard from the inside.

We all started to breath heavily. I was scared out of my mind on what I had just witnessed…. I saw a man, BURN! Burn right in front of my eyes, and I couldn’t do a thing to stop it from happening!

While Rei and I were on the floor, Jarrel had his head and arms on a wall. He slowly slid down until he was on his knees.

“Did…. Did that really….” He took a few breaths, “Did that really just happen?”

I took a few breaths, “What do you….. Weren’t you the one, that was sure it would happen?”

He flipped himself around, and laid his back against the wall he was on, “I just…. I mean…. In the back of my mind I was still thinking it…. It could’ve been a prank or, or maybe it wouldn’t have actually happened…. I don’t know I just….” He shook his head, “I. Don’t. Know.”

I looked over at Rei who had just curled up in the fetal position. I crawled over to him and wrapped my arm around him.

“Well…. I don’t think that could’ve been fake…” I said.

Jarrel nodded, “I don’t either…”

“Fia…?” I heard Rei ask quietly.

“Yes?” I asked.

“Will I get to go home….?” He asked.

I looked over at Jarrel, who just nodded at me. Everyone was in a bad state right now.

“As Jarrel said, we will do anything we can to make sure you do,” I said.

There was no response, he simply held me around my waist in a tight hug.

Once we all felt able to stand, we slowly, but surely walked back to the lounge area. Rei and I sat at one of the cleaner tables in the room, but Jarrel kept standing.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“I’m hungry, and thirsty, I’m gonna try and find out where the food is in here, you two just rest,” He said.

Rei raised his hand, “Oh! Can I get some too!”

Jarrel smiled, “That was the plan…”

He then walked off quietly without another word.
Rei looked at me, “Is something wrong with Jarrel? He doesn’t seem right.”

I looked back with a saddened look, “Well, um, Rei what do you think of Jarrel?”

Rei gave me a big smile, “I think he’s cool! Kind! Smart, and brave! But… Right now he just seems sad.”

I shook my head, “I don’t think sad is the right word to use.”

Rei tilted his head at me, “What do you mean?”

“I think a better word to use is shocked,” I explained.

“Why’s that?” Rei asked.

“Rei do you know what bravery is?” I asked.

Rei smiled, “It means not being afraid of anything!’

I nodded, “That is technically true, but not accurate.”

“It’s not?” He asked.

“No, bravery, in short, is acting in spite of fear, even when you are afraid,” I explained.

“Wait, I don’t understand, what does this have to do with Jarrel?” Rei asked.

“You said he was brave and cool right? Well, true enough it’s just a face, when you know someone for as long as I’ve known Jarrel, you come to realize who a person is. Jarrel is kind, and caring, he would always try to help me or anyone he could, but, I can already tell from the way he is acting, this place is getting to him, and he is just as afraid as us,” I said.

“Oh…. So he’s just acting?” He asked.

“No he’s not, he’s brave, but he’s just as afraid as us, and what happened in the other room has gotten to him, just like it has with us. Everyone becomes afraid at some point Rei,” I said.

“Oh… I see, so even though he’s scared, he’ll still keep going, just like you?” He asked me.

I laughed at his statement, “Yes, yes, so what do you think of me?”

“Well I think you are kind and caring as well,” He blushed a bit, “And also pretty!”

I started to laugh even more, “God, keep that up you’ll have no problem finding a date!”

He laughed alongside me. But after a few seconds he asked another question.

“Hey um, so what are you and Jarrel afraid of?” Rei asked.

I paused for a minute, “Well…. I uh….”

Just then Jarrel walked up to us, “Alright, took a minute, but I found a mini fridge that had some cans of fruit, plus some water and soda!”

“Oh great!” I said with a smile.

We got our can’s open and started to enjoy our food. Jarrel had pineapple, I had peaches, and Rei had oranges.

After a minute of eating Jarrel started to speak, “Okay…. Look I was skeptical about how all of this was gonna play out…. But I think we can all agree after what we saw in there, this is real, no question about it.”

I nodded, “Yeah…”

Rei just listened in.

I looked up, “So…. I guess all doubts that, if we don’t do this, we lose, are gone right?”

“Yeah…. Definitely, it scares me to death knowing that the next room could be my last…. But then again, I don’t think we have any other option, do we?” His voice sounded tired, maybe it affected him more than I originally thought.

“I don’t think so,” I said.

“Are… You guys are scared right?” He asked.

Rei and I both nodded.

“Oh, okay…. Good to know I’m not the only one….. So, we still doing this?” He asked.

“As you said, no other choice,” I said while laughing a bit.

Rei smiled, “I don’t think I can be as brave as you, but I’ll try!”

Jarrel smiled at that, “Alright then!”

Just then the monitors came on in the room, and we were met with C Duo.

“Hi! How ya doing!!?” The cat asked.

Jarrel got angry, “TAKE A GUESS!!!”

“Ooooh, hostility! But I guess it’s fair, seeing as what you saw, oh boy would I be mad as well!” C Duo joked.

Jarrel didn’t take too kindly to the joke and kept quiet.

“Oh alright then, want to know a little secret? That man in the other room was a wanted criminal! He was a serial killer, so you really didn’t do anything that bad anyway!” CD said.

“Wait what?!” I asked. Was she lying to us? I couldn’t tell, her demeanor was all over the place.

“Wait he was….. Just, just, we need our password,” Jarrel said exhausted.

The cat smiled, “Oh right! Alright you ready! ‘Life,’ L-I-F-E! Got it?”

“Yep!” Rei said.

“Mind, and Life,” I said out loud.

“Alrighty then, since everyone in here seems a bit tense at the moment, I will let you all choose how long you need till your next game! So what will it be?” C Duo asked.

We conversed for a minute to figure out how long we needed.

I spoke up, “Give us twenty-five minutes!”

“Alrighty then!!! Will do!” CD exclaimed then the monitors ceased to play.

We were still for a minute, all just thinking to ourselves, until I spoke up.

“Was she lying about that man being a serial killer?” I asked.

“I don’t know. But what I do know is this, we’ll find our way out of this madness, and hopefully we can do it early,” He said seriously.

“Yeah…” Rei said.

“No kidding,” I finished.

It was sad to say but, I didn’t see us finding any other way out, out of all other possibilities, the only way I see us leaving is through the door with an X. Looks like we’re gonna have to keep playing. Even still, I had no intention of dying, and neither did Rei or Jarrel. By the end of this, we’ll be alive, I know it……

I know it….
The Trivium Games Chapter 2: Reality Check
Alright chapter 2 is here! I hope you all enjoy this second chapter of this story!

Chapter 3:
Chapter 1:…
The Trivium Games (Cover)
Welcome to the Trivium Games. Join our three characters, Fia, Jarrel, and Rei as they try to survive the sick games that two people by the name of "Duo" have decided to put them through. With their strengths and weaknesses combined will these three be able to survive the games the have been put into, and will they be able to leave in one piece?

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My body stirred as a loud voice rang into my ears.
My eyes had opened slowly and had started to adjust to the environment around me. The room was brightly lit, and the light had made my vision blurry. My body was stiff and sore, as if I hadn’t been moving in a while.
My memory was foggy, and I couldn’t remember exactly what happened.
“There we go, now your moving around, at least one of you,” The voice that was loud before was now calmer, but also more sadistic.
I was able to push my body up, finally getting my vision back and got a look around the room. The room, at least the portion I was in was brightly lit, the other part being pitch black. The walls were a clean white, while the tables and other objects in the room were silver and grey. This looked like an infirmary, pieces of doctors equipment lying around the room. But then I noticed a body laying near me.
I was able to recognize who it was immediately, with his medium length, dark blond hair, wearing jeans and a dark, grey jacket, it was Jarrel.
“Jarrel!” I called out in a worrying tone.
I walked over to him and started to shake him awake. I looked at myself and saw I was still in my purple t-shirt and khaki pants, from the previous night. What happened? Jarrel and I were out on a simple date to the mall…..then we started to drive back and…..what happened past that?!
After a minute more of shaking his eyes opened to reveal the blue color that I was used to.
“F-Fia?” He asked in confusion.
He was able to sit up and get his bearings.
“What? W-where are we, why are we in a doctor's office?” He asked me.
“I….I don’t know, I just woke up too….” I said in a very scared and shy tone.
“Woke up? When did we go to sleep? I don’t remember being in a hospital, or doctors, jesus this is just like a horror movie,” He said jokingly.
“D-don’t say that!! There’s got to be a reason for this!” I yelled.
Just then the intercom from before turned on, “Yes in fact, there is.”
I looked up then to Jarrel who had a serious expression.
“Oh? So you’re the one who brought us here?” He asked in an angered voice.
“Yes, in fact yours truly did,” The voice said.
“Alright smartass, then why?” Jarrel asked.
“Hm, on some level you are right, I’m smarter then you, my ass probably is as well!” The voice said jokingly.
“Your still too stupid to answer my question,” Jarrel said.
“Ah right, I want you to play a game,” He said.
Both Jarrel and I’s eyes widened at that statement.
Then Jarrel smiled, “We talking bingo? Or are you a fan of the saw movies?”
“Jarrel, I don’t think we should be taunting him,” I said.
“No it is quite alright young Fia, he has every right to ask, but the first game you will play is this,” We then heard the sound of lights turn on. The rest of the room lit up and in the light was a chair. In said chair was a boy, who looked to be around ten.
“Oh what the fuck!?” Jarrel said.
“He’s, just a child….” I said.
He was strapped to the chair by metal cuffs, had blond hair, wore a red shirt with dark green shorts, and had a metal mask on the lower part of his head.
We both walked over to check on the kid.
“A-are you okay?” I asked.
“Damn, hey what the hell is this?!” Jarrel yelled out.
“Your first game, you two have to figure out how to remove that mask in….hmmm, ten minutes! Yes ten minutes to remove the mask!!!” The voice on the intercom said.
“And if we don’t?” I asked scared of the response.
“Well that little kids head will be in two pieces! Now see? Whoever said math wasn’t fun!” The man’s voice rang.
“You’re disgusting!” Jarrel yelled out.
“And you have nine minutes and thirty seconds to get it off, see ya then!” Then the intercom shut off. On the wall a timer was counting down our remaining time.
“Shit!” Jarrel said.
He quickly moved behind the chair to the back of the mask.
“Hey there is some kind of box on the back here,” Jarrel said.
I quickly walked behind the chair as well, “Do you think that might be a way to get it off?”
“Maybe, there’s a key hole, quickly we have to search around for a key, I’ll look in here, try to check another room,” Jarrel said.
“Okay!” I replied.
I quickly ran over to the door of the room and tried to open it, but the door was closed shut.
“J-JARREL IT WONT OPEN!” I screamed.
“WHAT!? Damn, it must be locked until this guys game is over, then the answer is in here, help me look,” He said.
“Ok!” I quickly came back to help look around the room. We were down to seven minutes, but we were able to find a key!
“Yes!” I yelled. I quickly ran back to the kid in the mask to try the key, but it wouldn’t fit.
“WHAT?! But what is this for!?” I asked.
“It’s a game! You don’t win by finding the first item, hold onto that, it might go to something else!” He said.
We continued searching the room for another minute and found a box with a knife inside. The box had a lock on it.
“Here we go!” I yelled out. I unlocked the box and took the dagger out, “But what can it be used for? Maybe we can pry open the thing on the back of that metal contraption?”
“No, with just a knife I don’t think we can, but I think I saw what this is used for,” Jarrel said.
“What?” I asked.
“That’s a surgical knife, or more exact, used for dissecting,” Jarrel explained.
“What, but then….” I looked over to the table in the room, and I quickly turned around and started hyperventilating. On the table is what appeared to be a dead animal, I didn’t know which, I had turned away as soon as I could.
I felt Jarrel’s hand on my shoulder, “It’s okay, I’ll do it,” He took the knife from my hand and walked over to the table. I quickly closed my ears to not hear what was about to happen. After a minute I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around.
“This is it!” He said. He was holding a bloody key in his hand, I was still breathing heavily.
“I’ll go get it open,” He said.
We still had five minutes to spare on the clock. I heard him unlock the thing on the back of the kids head.
“Uh….OH SHIT!!!” I heard him yell.
I ran over and saw what he was looking at. There was a keypad inside the box on the kids mask.
“D-did you find a passcode?” I asked.
He shook his head, “NO! I’m assuming you didn’t either?”
I shook my head as well.
“Ok, ok, ok! Just search around!” He said.
We searched the room and were not able to find a passcode. At the two minute mark the kid started coming around, and immediately freaked out.
Jarrel went over to calm him, “Hey, hey, listen, listen we’re going to get you out of this, you hear me?”
The kid looked at Jarrel with his brown eyes.
“I said do you hear me?” Jarrel asked again.
The boy nodded best he could.
“One minute left….” I said scared.
“Shit, three numbers……three numbers?” Jarrel said.
“Forty-five…” I said.
Jarrel seemed to be thinking, but all I could do was think about the timer, I was staring at it blankly, scared out of my mind.
“Thirty, twenty-nine….” I continued to count down as the numbers did. It was like I was in a trance, waiting for the inevitable.
Then the counter hit ten, nine, eight-
Then with a loud sound of metal the mask fell off the kid, landing on the floor with a loud metallic thud. I started to breathe again, not realizing I had stopped doing so. The kid quickly fell from the chair and started to breathe heavily as well.
Jarrel had a look of disbelief on him, like he didn’t know that would work.
I asked him, “How did you get it right?”
“Nine, three, zero,” He said.
“What?” I questioned.
“It’s the time the man said, I knew ten minutes wouldn’t work, so I gave nine thirty a try….sure enough I was right,” He explained.
Just then the intercom came on, “BRAVO! BRAVO! Simply amazing!!” The man said bombastically, “I didn’t think you would be that smart, but look at me, I was certain that kid was gonna be in two, looks like I’ll save the math for later, anyway congratulations on winning the first game! Here’s your reward!”
The door to the room opened, giving us a way out, “Now you have completed the first game, and your reward is to leave your room and learn the rest of the rules! Take your time, because the kid is part of the game too!”
The intercom was turned off again.
I went over to the kid and sat down next to him, “Are you okay?”
In his very soft voice he spoke, “Was….I going… die?”
I shook my head, “Me and Jarrel here were not going to let that happen!”
He started shaking then hugged my waist, “THANK YOU!!!! Thank you so much f-fo-for saving me-ee-me…” Tears poured from the kids eyes. He refused to let me go, and I gently stroked the top of his head.
“It’s okay, it’s okay,” I said. I sat with the kid just letting him cry. Who would put someone so young in this situation?
Jarrel was watching from the side, just letting the kid get out his feelings.
After a few minutes he was able to calm down.
“W…who are you guys…..and you’re pretty…” He said to me blushing.
I thought of his compliment as cute and adorable, “Aw, that’s nice of you, might just make him jealous!” I said gesturing to Jarrel.
“Wait, so I have competition now?” He asked.
“Maybe, just watch your back!” I said, “Anyway, what’s your name?”
“It’s Rei, what are your names?” Rei asked.
“I’m Jarrel,” Jarrel greeted.
“And I’m Fia,” I said.
“It’s nice to meet you both….thank you for saving me,” He shyly said.
“There was no way I was gonna let a kid die, I couldn’t even imagine,” Jarrel said.
The kid wipe the tears from his eyes, “So uh…. Where are we?”
“Not too sure, we woke up the same way you did,” I said to him.
“Oh….well from what I can see we’re in an infirmary,” The boy said.
“That’s what we thought too,” Jarrel said.
We all stayed quiet for a good minute, all of us must’ve been in thought about everything, why, who, what, where? Too many questions, and not one of us could find an answer.
Rei was the first to speak, “So uh….. can we leave?”
“Best idea I’ve heard all day,” Jarrel said.
“I agree,” I said.
We all got up and walked out of the infirmary. We entered a dark hallway, with only a few lights being our guide. The walls looked old, and run down, this place must’ve been abandoned. I could see water damage had effected the structure of the building, and the walls had cracks and holes, possibly broken through by people or animals.
We then came to an opening in the path, but the thing was the door was an iron-barred door. We walked through, and the large room gave me an idea of where we were.
“Is this….?” Rei started.
“A…Prison?” Jarrel said.
The walls were lined with cells. The room was large, had multiple tables we could sit at, but around us were cells that were open, still locked, or completely destroyed.
“Why….what have we done?” I asked.
“Fia listen, this isn’t us doing something wrong, this place is obviously abandoned so that must be how our host is able to keep us here without anyone noticing,” Jarrel explained.
Rei looked at Jarrel, “Th-that makes sense, but the question is why he would even keep us here, and put me in that contraption….. What is his goal, what is his game?”
The room had TV monitors and they all turned on. We jumped as the sound of static filled our ear drums. We waited for the monitor to show something, and when it did… was a cartoonish cat.
“Hello!!!” She said cutely.
Jarrel and I didn’t know how to react, but Rei did.
“OH! A cat! I love cats! Hi!!” He waved.
“Oh you’re so sweet,” The ‘cat’ said.
Jarrel walked up to one of the monitors, “So are you just using that app to disguise yourself?”
“App?” Rei asked.
I knew what he was referring to, “Yeah, app, it’s like a phone app that is used by some of us in high school, it can basically make your camera make you look like a cartoon or animal, just as she is doing now.”
“Oh, so basically the program is pasting an image over her, and is following her movements right?!” Rei asked.
I was a little surprised on how descriptive he was, “Uh, yeah, that’s basically it,” I replied.
“Well aren’t you all a group of smarties….. Oh man I wish I had some of those right now,” The cat said with a confused look.
“Okay enough games!” Jarrel said while kicking a chair over, “Stop playing with me, tell us why we’re here, and who the hell are you anyway!?”
The cat put her ‘paw’ on her chin and a smile appeared on her face, “Well to start off with the who, there are actually two of us here,” She explained.
“So you’re not the one from before?” I asked.
“Nope! But we are basically doing the same thing, soooooo, for our name, you can call us Duo,” The cat said.
Jarrel laughed a bit, “Duo? So half of a Pokémon?”
There was a brief silence from the cat and her face contorted to one of confusion.
Then she spoke, “Wait….what? NO!!! shut up! Jesus, kids these days.”
“I don’t think you have the right to even say Jesus’ name, seeing as what you were about to do to a kid,” Jarrel retorted.
“Fair enough,” Duo said with a smile.
I looked at the monitor, “So, we have questions and we want answers!”
“Ok then, ask away!!” Duo said cutely.
I started, “Why are we here?”
“To play a game of course!” She said.
“Well what are the rules of the game?” Jarrel asked.
“Ah I was just getting to that!” Duo said.
“Anyways, the main goal of this game, is to escape the complex you are now currently in!” Duo said.
Rei walked up next to us, “And how do we do that?”
“It’s very simple cutie! For you to escape all you have to do is complete all the game rooms we have set up for you! Each one being their own special game from the last!” She took a breath, “Each game will provide you with a password! Collect all the passwords from the games to win!”
“So once we complete a room we obtain a password right?” I asked.
“You are correct! And wanna know the cool part! You already have one of the passwords!” Duo exclaimed.
“What?!” The three of us all asked simultaneously.
“Yep you have your first password already! ‘Mind,’ M-I-N-D! Got it? Also I wont be repeating, so you better remember!” Duo said.
“Hey that’s a little-“ Jarrel started but got cut off by Rei.
“I got it, don’t worry I remember easily, Mind! If you guys forget I will surely remember it!” Rei explained.
“Really? How?” I asked.
Rei got a smile, “I actually have a photographic memory! I remember basically everything I hear or see!”
Jarrel spoke up, “Huh? Guess we have an Einstein here don’t we?”
“I guess so!” I said.
“Well so do you kids know how the game works?!” Duo said expectantly.
We all looked at each other with serious expression.
“If we’re going to get out of here, then we have no choice, we’ll play your game, and we’ll win!” I said confidently.
“Well I certainly love the confidence, but do you really think it will be that easy?” Duo said.
“It’s not that she thinks it will be easy, none of us here want to die, trapped here starving to death,” Jarrel said.
“Well not a way anyone would want to go, and I can see why you want to get out as fast as possible, but let me warn you, it’s not just starving you have to worry about, death can hit you at any point in this game, so don’t you worry! Your lives will be in danger all the time!” Duo explained.
“What about here?” Rei asked.
“Well here is an exception, think of it as a lounge, you can eat and drink, this is like a safe room!” Duo said.
“So where is our exit door when we’re done?” Jarrel asked.
“See that door to your left?” Duo said.
We looked and saw a metal gate which had a banner with an X over it.
“X marks the spot huh?” Rei asked.
I went over and looked at the door and tried to open it. The door was sealed shut. I looked over to the left and saw a touch pad, this looked hand-made.
Rei walked up with me, “Wow! This is pretty advanced stuff!”
“Really?” I asked.
“Yeah! Some of this hardware is way more advanced than normal security equipment!” Rei explained.
“How is that?” Jarrel said walking up to us.
“Well it’s just interesting is all, usually gates in prisons like this are controlled from a central area,” Rei said.
“Oh yeah, I visited a prison once, on a field trip!” Jarrel said.
“Field trip? What’s a field trip?” Rei asked.
I was shocked to hear this, “Wait, you know about consoles and stuff like this, but you’ve never heard of a field trip?”
“N-n-no! I-is that bad?” Rei asked scared.
“No it’s not, just surprising you don’t know, you ever been on vacation?” Jarrel asked.
“Yeah…..a few times,” Rei said.
“Well think of a vacation, but you did it at school, like the school took you on the vacation,”  Jarrel explained.
“Oh I got it! Well anyway, so this passcode inputer has been refitted to work with this gate, but the thing is this gate seems very old, this type of equipment shouldn’t even work with this, it’s like the whole thing got taken apart, new parts had been added, but the structure was kept the same!” Rei explained.
“See what’d I say? Einstein,” Jarrel said.
“Well you guys are all adorable, but what do you say we get these games underway!” Duo said.
We all looked at each other again, “Alright, when do we start?” I asked.
“Hmmmm,” The cat thought to herself, “Ten minutes! Then we will start your second game! Tata!”
Then the monitors turned off.
We waited for maybe a minute before speaking.
Jarrel spoke first, “So, any ideas guys?”
“N…no..” Rei said.
“Should we come up with a plan?” I asked.
“Like what? It’s either we play their game or not,” Jarrel said.
“But what if it’s not?” Rei asked.
“What do you mean?” Jarrel retorted.
“What if we can find some other way out, or a way to call for help!?” Rei said.
“He’s right! If it was possible we could find someway out of here other then playing their game!” I explained.
“Well maybe so, but there are some holes in that plan, first we don’t know where we are, so if we could possibly make contact we don’t even know if anyone could find us, and that is if we could even make contact, there is a very high possibility they have cut all forms of contact in here, they don’t want to be found, so they wouldn’t let themselves be,” Jarrel explained.
“Well what if we have a way to signal them?” I asked.
“What like an S.O.S.?” Jarrel asked.
“Yeah look up!” I said.
They both did as I said and we saw there was an opening in the roof, it was an old broken patch of the roof. There was no way we could climb to it to escape, but maybe….
“So what you’re saying is we could fire something through there to get passerby’s attention?” Jarrel asked.
“So we would need a flare, rocket, explosive, or maybe even a simple firework!” Rei said.
“That would be correct, but this is a prison, a few of those are highly unlikely, but a flare is possible!” Jarrel said.
“Alright, so we play their game for now, but if we find an opening, any opening, we take it!” I said, “Agreed?”
“Agreed!” They both said back.
We all then waited in the safe room until it was our time for our next game. With our plan thought out, and our intentions decided, the three of us, this makeshift trio, would survive this game, and walk out of here with our lives.
The Trivium Games Chapter 1: Let the Games Begin
Alright so welcome to my new story! "The Trivium Games!"

So a summary.

Join our three characters, Fia, Jarrel, and Rei as they try to survive the sick games that two people by the name of "Duo" have decided to put them through. With their strengths and weaknesses combined will these three be able to survive the games the have been put into, and will they be able to leave in one piece?

chapter 2:…
The Trivium Games (Characters)
Alright so this is the cover for an upcoming short story I will be doing, known as "The Trivium Games"

The story will follow the three characters you see here, they are forced into playing a sadistic man's game and have to survive.

The characters from left to right are: Rei, Fia, and Jarrel

You will join these three characters as they try to survive the games this man has brought to them, and also learn about the three as they go on.

Once the story has been made a link to it will be here, I hope you enjoy it when it is ready.

Link to…
Divided (Pokemon Inktober Word two)
Welp this is where it's gonna get rough XD. Well so if you've ever seen the animation "Draw with me" Then this gets inspiration from that, if I knew how to draw these two better XD For real tho, it seems the more simple the pokemon is the harder it is to draw! Idk. But I gave it my best shot. I still hope you enjoy, and I hope the next one goes better.
Hey guys so for my sixth month anniversary I have decided that I will be doing free pokemon story requests of any nature or writing. Rules are simple, give me a pokemon story outline, what you want the character to be, and how you want said character to act! One thing though is this is short stories I'm writing, not full long chapter by chapter stories, so please remember that! Also I have some standards as to what I will write, just so you know, if I have a problem with it I will let you know(If you have an idea of what I would have a problem with writing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (PMD) - Lucario) Anyways though just comment your story and tell me how you would want me to write it! Also please don't rush me, if I have a bunch of takers it will take me some time to write. So please be patient with me because I also have my own schedule.


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I am a new writer on DeviantArt. I have been here for a little while now, a couple of months and have been an active writer and artist. My skills are improving as i move along, and i hopefully will get professional. If you have any questions please don't be afraid to ask.



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