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:iconxetajts:XetaJTS posted a status
A little something I put together, nothing fancy just something I wanted to do! Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (PMD) - Lucario (happy) 
Xeta Shidel (My OC) With sword out.
Alright a little project i took the time to do, nothing professional, just something i put together in a day. Hope you all enjoy!Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (PMD) - Lucario (happy) 

Story he comes from: Project X Chapter 1 Night of Tragedy 

Character Bio:

Name: Xeta Shidel.

Species: Pokemon, Lucario. Previously Human.

Backstory: After tragedy and pain befell him in a single night, Xeta has found himself alone, homeless, and his body unrecognizable. After adjusting to this body he tries to live his new life in secret. He uses his abilities to make himself seem like his original form with a few alterations. First off is his clothing is different. He wears this cloak so that it is easier for him to hold the disguise, less of his body seen the less he has to hide. Second he has made himself appear with a scar across his neck. He can no longer speak in human tongue so he uses the scar as an excuse as to why he can't speak. But one things he can't hide no matter how hard he tries is his eyes. The disguise does not work on his eyes so they always show as his feral, animalistic red eyes. He also cannot fool mirrors so he avoids them at all costs, or puts his hood up to keep people from seeing it. He tries to still live his life and finish high school as someone "normal"

Abilities: With his new body he has found new strength and agility. He is not immortal but is still able to put a dent in a tree if need be. He has learned new abilities from the change. He has aura vision which lets him see the life force of living creatures, even through walls. He can infuse his paw with a bright light that sends a powerful shockwave at close range. He can infuse the claws on his wrist with the power of shadow. He can form a bone staff made from the blue energy he controls called Aura, and he has learned to change his tail into a strong iron. He was taught by his father in martial arts and displays them more than he ever could before. He also will carry his sword when he hunts, it was given to him by his family as a gift since he was a loving collector of weapons. Never had any use for them before now. His new agility makes him quicker and sometimes impossible to see if he tries his hardest.

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