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(Years ago, Gareth POV)
-NO, NO, NO WHY!?- I screamed running away from the Zangoose that was chasing me. I had taken some berries from this bush and apparently they were his and since I ate one I had to pay.
-GET BACK HERE YOU STUPID KIRLIA! DON’T THINK YOU CAN GET AWAY!- The Zangoose screamed. I didn’t even have the berries anymore and he was still chasing me. As he said I was a Kirlia, short, frail, and easily maul-able.
I kept running away but he caught up quick and slashed one of my legs with his claw, it was really bad and I couldn’t get back up. He stepped over to me with his claws I the air. He was moving them menacingly.
-End of the line kid!- He swung he claw up and tried to swing it down but got stopped. A bunch of sharp leaves flew by and started knocking him back. Then from another bush a black and silver Pokémon came out and slashed him with his arm claws. Then from behind him a blue Pokémon came out of nowhere and slashed him with two glowing shells.
-Not so fast you fiend!- The blue one said as the other two guarded me.
After the Zangoose recovered he looked pissed, -Who the ‘ell are you!?-
-I am a defender of the weak, a helper of justice, I AM ONE OF THE BRAVEST SWORDS!- He stated proudly. But everyone including me just stared at him like he was an idiot.
The green one in front of me looked at him with annoyance, -I told you it sounded lame…-
The blue one got a look of agitation, -YOU TRY COMING UP WITH SOMETHING BETTER!- He took his eyes of the Zangoose for a second and it was behind him. I was going to warn him but without even looking he blocked the attack.
-You really thought you would get the ump on me?- He said looking back at him. He then pushed the claw away and then sliced him a few more times with his shells. Then to finish him off he kicked him straight in the face. The Zangoose was out cold. Who were these guys?
-Kid you alright? What is your name?- Asked the silver one.
-Yeah I am okay thanks, my name is Gareth, who are you guys?- I asked curious.
-I am Siward. I am a treecko.- The green one said.
-I am Banquo! I am a bisharp.- The silver one said proudly.
-And I am Ike, I am a dewott, you are a Kirlia right?- He asked.
-Yeah I am, why?- I asked.
-Because I wanted to know, since you are male you can become a Gallade! That makes you great to join!- He stated.
-Join what?- I asked.
-Our group!- Banquo stated.
-Yeah! We help Pokémon and people in danger! Well we might want to ask his parents before we just up and bring him with us.- Siward stated.
I looked down sad, -I don’t have any parents…- I said sadly.
They all looked at me with shock and sadness. -They left me…. When I was younger I was together with my siblings and parents. I was the runt of them and one day I woke up and they were gone, not a trace in sight.-
Ike walked up and placed his paw on my shoulder. -Hey look, if that happened then forget about them. If they couldn’t bother to help you out instead of neglecting you then that means they didn’t care about you, so come with people who do care about you!- He exclaimed.
I looked up at him with a smile, -Thanks!-
-Don’t mention it.-
After that they took me to their base, this place was awesome! They had all sorts of cool things in here and even had electricity, which I thought only electric types and humans have! I had ben just staying at their place for a couple of says as one of them stayed with me to keep me company. Then one day they did something incredible!
I was just hanging out with Banquo and we just talked and he taught me certain fighting styles. Then the door to the base opened and Ike called out.
-Hey! We are back!- Me and Banqou ran to meet up with them at the door. It seemed Ike was hiding something behind his back.
-Hey what is up! How did it go?- I asked.
-It went well!- Siward said. -We have a surprise for you!- I was well, surprised they had a surprise for me an Ike walked up to me.
-For joining the Bravest Swords we would like to finally officially welcome you!- He held out what was behind his back and there was a knife, it was a weird-looking knife though.
-This is a butterfree-knife! It i considered a show knife but it works just as well in combat, and since you don’t have any blades yet we wanted to give you something to compensate for it!- Ike then let me hold the blade for the first time and I figured out it can move apart and close and, and….
I started tearing up, -No one has ever given me a gift before…. THANK YOU!- With that I gave him a tight hug and he got shocked. He got an embarrassed look on his face though.
-Well don’t mention it okay, you deserve it!- He stated. I let him go and started practicing with the new knife. It took me about a full month before I was a master with the knife, it was amazing! I finally started  going on missions and we helped! WE ACTUALLY HELPED PEOPLE! I don’t think I felt any more satisfaction than I did when I first saved a caterpie from being attacked. That feeling was amazing! Everything was great! Until….
After a while I noticed a change in those three. It wasn’t immediate but gradual, and more bad things kept piling up. “Accidently stealing.” “Accidently hurting.” And then “accepting rewards.”
Things changed for those three, they got darker, greedy and would force those who we helped to give us something. I just went along with it because they were my friends, they were the only ones that showed me compassion, surely they weren’t bad right?
How wrong I was.
This one day, they pushed it, they pushed it over the edge. We hid out in an alley way and waited. They told me we needed to go after an important target to go for. We waited and Ike told us they were almost here. They told me to act as backup if anything went south. They hadn’t even told me who the target was. They jumped out first and I heard yelling and screaming. I heard one of the voices go away and I decided I needed to look. When I did I saw a woman dead on the ground with her neck sliced, and a little girl sitting there with a bloody arm. In front of her were my three so-called friends with grins on their faces. I got horrified, this woman was innocent, and so was this child!
-HEY! WHAT DID YOU DO!?- I screamed. Ike turned to look at me.
-AHH! Just in time! Listen Gareth my friend it is time for your last exam!-
-What?- I questioned scared.
-That is right, you will prove yourself to us completely, the final test of trust. You see that girl there?- I took a look at her and she seemed terrified.
-I want you to kill her.- He said seriously.
-W-WHAT!?- I questioned scared.
-Prove it, unless of course… You wanna be alone again.-
My eyes widened in fear, solitude is horrible, it makes you feel like you are nothing at all. I didn’t want to go through that again but…. This girl she was too innocent! What do I do?
I guess I had no choice.
I held my knife and opened up the blade. I then pointed the blade at her and she seemed absolutely terrified.
I gave her one last look, -I am sorry.- I stated.
I quickly turned around and slashed Ike right across the chest. He screamed and as he did I dropped kicked him away. Banquo and Siward went to check on him as I turned to the girl and pulled on her to tell her come on. Thankfully she knew I was on her side and quickly got up to follow me. I pulled on her arm and we just ran together. We kept on running and running until we made it to a Pokémon center. I know they weren’t for humans but she was hurt and we needed to get to safety!
Once we got inside I screamed out for someone and thankfully they took her to a room, me as well. I was in the room as they stitched her up and made sure the wound wasn’t bleeding as I stayed in a chair in the room. I held my knife in my hands shaking. What did I just do? What did I almost just do!? I actually thought about killing a little girl! I AM TERRIBLE!
Then a man in a blue uniform came in and started asking questions. “Little girl can you speak? What happened.”
She looked up at the man, then to me, then back to the man. “Me and my mother got attacked by a group of Pokemon…. They…. They…..” She had tears in her eyes and started weeping. Was that woman her mother? Some hero I am, I just ruined a girl’s life.
“I see…” He turned to look at me, “Was the Kirlia over there involved?” I knew he would probably ask that, kind of suspicious for a little Kirlia to have a BLOODY KNIFE! So I just waited to accept my fate.
“No… In fact he saved me.” The girl said. I looked up at her in shock.
“Really? Is he yours?” The man asked.
“No he is wild, but I guess he saw me and wanted to help.” She was lying to him, was she protecting me?
“Well it seems like he really wanted to save you, here.” He picked me up and laid me on the bed with her.
“You two stay here, I will go sort out this mess.” Then the man left.
I turned to her with a confused look. Why would she protect me like that?
“Those were your friends, weren’t they?” She asked with a sad look on her face.
In return I just nodded somberly.
“Thank you, they probably wanted you to kill me, but you didn’t, you saved me. Thank you.” She then proceeded to hug me tightly. In return I tried to hug her the best I could with my small stature.
Once the hug was over she looked at me with a smile, “What is your name?”
I knew she couldn’t understand me so I looked around the room until I saw some paper. I took one of the writing utensils and wrote my name best I could on it and brought it to her.
She then read it aloud, “Gareth? That is a nice name!” I blushed at her comment.
“Gareth, those were your friends, and you ran from them, and now my mother is gone as well…… Would you like to stay with me?” She asked. I thought my options over, I was not going to go back, and I didn’t want to be alone….. and I owed her for not stopping this sooner, if I had stopped them none of this would have happened. Who knows this could be fun too. So in the end I smiled and gave her a nod.
“Great! I think we will be great friends Gareth!..... OH! I haven’t even given you my name yet!” She exclaimed.
“My name is Lilly!”
(Gareth POV, Present)
After I was knocked back by one of Siward’s leaf blades Ike had come up behind me to slash his sword on top of me. I used my new sword and one of my arm blades to push it away from me. Once I had done that Siward and Banquo came up from behind to try to surprise me. I turned around quickly to exchange blows with them. I used my new sword to block and push Siward to my right and then used my left arm blade to block Banquo and kick him back.
Before he could get the jump on me and raised both my sword high to block the overhead swing that Ike tried to land on me. I saw that Siward and Banquo were charging straight at me so to dodge I jumped straight up in the air pushing Ike’s sword away and back-flipping away from them.
Once I landed I got ready to fight again and waited for them but they just stood there.
-We are the good guys, but we all gotta be a little bad. They always say that crime doesn’t pay, but neither does being the good guy.- Ike stated.
-That is right Gareth, you don’t know how it works, if you are not on top you can’t control anything, control induces fear, and fear makes evil go away. If we induce fear then not only do we control, we control evil, and that protects the good.- Siward stated.
-What do you know Gareth? If you truly think that this is the wrong way then tell us, what have you done to change anything? What have you done to change this world, we may hurt people but at least we take action!- Banquo stated.
-But how do you know what is the right choice!?- I questioned.
-What makes you think you are right Gareth? What makes you think that this will change anything!- Ike asked me.
I looked down at my blade, -I don’t how much this will change, but I don’t want to hear your crap! You aren’t justice. None of you are, I have seen the things you have done, attacking innocent people, killing children, making your own kind suffer! But I know one thing you are right about! I have not taken action, but that changes today. I have stopped myself from doing this over and over, but this time is different. This time I have made a choice! I WILL STOP YOU! I KNOW IF I DO THIS NOW THAT I WILL PROTECT SOMEONE IN THE FUTURE! THAT IS THE TRUTH, AND THAT IS MY CHOICE!-
Before he could even try I kicked Banquo who had used double team to make an image of himself. I then used multiple physical hits and slashes counting as my close combat. Then I quickly turned to clash blades with Siward. He was really fast so I made sure I was careful. Then he joined his blades along with vine whips. He grabbed my wrist and pulled back to throw my sword out of my reach. The sword flew and dug itself into a wall. He had a smirk as if he had won but I think he forgot I had arm blades, but I did one better.
I punched him, then again, then a third time, then kicked him down to the ground. As those two were down I started walking over to my sword. They all looked on in shock on how calm I was. I grabbed the sword but then realized Ike was behind me. I jumped on to his blade and kicked him so I had the chance to grab the sword. I blocked the next blade slice from Ike but wasn’t able to from Banquo and Siward. They each stabbed me right in the back. They ripped their blades out and Ike slashed me with his blade that sent me flying into a wall.
Ike looked proud of himself, -It seems you lose, nice job coming here alone.-
I gave him a cocky smirk, -I didn’t!-
All of the sudden the roof busted and we all looked up to see Lucario bust through the roof and send three sharp aura spheres. Ike barely dodged it, Siward avoided it, but Banquo was hit straight through the chest. Banquo and Siward charged at me but Lucario blocked their path.
-I will hold these two off, you handle the big one,- he told me.
-Oh! You think you can! I got news for you we are a lot worse than you think!- Banquo screamed.
-Yeah and you have no type advantages against me!- Siward said.
-Really?- Lucario said. He then started charging a red energy in his paws.
-I would like you to meet my friend mr. flamethrower!- I took this as my chance to go after Ike who ran into another room. When I entered the room it was a dojo.
-This is the sparring room, where me and you used to practice, I think this is the perfect place to finish this,- Ike stated.
-I agree, enough talk!-
I ran up on him again. He brought out one of his blade and we clashed. His sword was a lot heavier than mine so it was harder to deal with. He then did another heavy slash that I dodged. I managed to slash him a couple of times near the back but to no avail. He could take a lot of hits. I kept trying to block his heavy swing but then I tried something else. He pushed me away and I had time to try it. I infused my psychic energy into my new sword and I charged at him. He had a shocked look on his face but it turned to anger because he had to fight. I dodged his blade and sliced him with my new one. It made a huge burning cut right through his side. He tried to turn but I swept around him and slashed him again. Then I kept getting faster as I swung around him in circles sending slashes all through him. Then the last blow. As the last slice went through all the psychic energy that was left in the cuts flared up and sent a mini explosion in the cuts. I thought it was over but he regained balance and charged at me again. He grabbed me by the neck and slammed me into a wall.
I tried to escape but to no avail, -I think the game is over, you have lost, let your death be honorable!-
Before he could stab me the blade stopped. It as colored in a pink energy. Then he was flung into a wall as psychic spikes flung and stabbed him into the ground. I turned to look at my savior and found Griffon standing at the doorway.
I stood up to greet her, -Griffon! You made it!- I tried to hug her but got met with a slap.
-But I- Before I could continue she stopped me.
-I am so sorry.- I said with tears in my eyes.
-Don’t you ever do that to me again! You hear me!- She said now in tears.
-Yes! I know!- I then turned to look at Ike who was in shock.
-You have a mate?- He asked.
-Yes, I do.- I said. Just then Lucario walked in with a beaten Banquo and Siward.
-They are alive, just they can’t move.- He stated. He dropped them near the wall. They were both still conscious.
-IKE! YOU LOST!- Banquo screamed.
-You beat him?- Siward said appalled.
Ike looked down in shame, but then smiled, -Heh, you really are better.-
-What?- I questioned.
-It is funny, I grew up with abuse and torment, you did as well, but looking back at what I did, I didn’t try to help people, I tried to make myself fell better, and when that didn’t work I got others involved, maybe then it would be great! But then I did worse, I thought maybe the only way I could feel better about this was if I made others suffer too, made them feel my pain, of being beaten, abused, and tormented, and then I forced others to help, and tried to make you as well,- He said.
-Ike?- Siward and Banquo questioned.
-It seems you have done good Gareth, and there is a request I must ask of you, please?- He said.
-What is it?- I asked.
-I want you to lead them, better then I did, and bring the name back to the bravest swords, I want Siward and Banquo to be your friend again, and lead them, better than I did,- Ike asked.
-Ike what are you saying?- Siward asked.
-YOU TWO LISTEN! You will follow him now, and he will lead you! Understand!?- He asked.

-YES!- They said in unison.
-Now it is time to fulfill my duty, I follow the Bushido code, and must follow it!- Ike said.
-What do you mean!?- I asked.
He then picked up his blade and I saw the blue energy fill in it, and then he grabbed it by the blade and stabbed himself in the stomach!
-IKE!- Siward, Banquo and I screamed.
-IT IS TIME TO FULFILL…… MY FINAL! DUTY! AAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!- He then ripped the blade out to the side of him, and he fell. I looked down at him in shock. There was no words to say then, the Bushido code is the samurai code, and if a samurai shows dishonor, he must……
I then told everyone to start and let us get Siward and Banquo out of here. They were in tears. They’re friends and mine just died. It is justified.
-Hey,- They both looked at me in sadness.
-Let us not let this go to waste please, he asked me to lead you and I will do it, we will be the Bravest Swords again, so let us make his last wish come true, please,- I held my hand out to them as they laid on the wall of the building.
And they both took hold of it.
Alright after a long wait it is finally here, since i have two stories it will tak longer for the next to come out but hey, the more in suspense you are the more i have fun!Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (PMD) - Lucario (happy) 

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