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It was early morning when I woke up because of Martin coming to get me from my room. I got frustrated at first but then when I realized why I got woken up my mood changed. I was so excited to get to go be a part of the team there. After finishing breakfast and telling everyone bye we headed out to the police station. The ride was nothing special pretty much the same as last time. Once we got to the police stations it was far less packed than it was yesterday. I was very much relieved because I did not want to deal with a mad house. Martin told me to follow him and in which I did. Once we got to his office I saw that Mirai was sitting in one of the chairs.
Martin sat in his chair and started to speak, “I know you have already met her but I would like you to meet your commanding officer Mirai Bernidel, she will give you all instructions on what you will be doing on your team and how you will do it, also she is who will decide what place you get on the squad.”
‘Position?’ I asked with telepathy.
“Yes position, I will be the one who evaluates your skills and I will decide what you will do in the squad.” Fair enough. After a couple more instructions from Martin Mirai instructed me to follow her. We entered a room that had all sorts of weapons and gadgets.
“This is the special task force’s base of operations. We have our own firing range and even a simulation room. It is nothing fancy but we do have targets that tell you if you died or not.” Interesting.
I noticed that everyone else was in the room as well. I went over to greet them, -Hey there!- I stated.
-Hey Jae!- Braig stated.
-Hello!- Aqua greeted.
-Yo!- Lyran greeted.
-What are you guys doing here?- I asked.
-Watching you, we are going to see what you get as a place on the squad!- Braig stated. After he said that Nanaba entered the room with a rolling cart with weapons on it.
“Well there you are! MIRAI! You took your sweet time bringing him here!” Mirai just waved innocently in response.
Nanaba just shook her head, “Where was I? Oh right! We are going to find out what you will be doing on the squad Jae, now I would like you to look at all the weapons we have here.” She pulled a handle and a wall of weapons came out. Rifles, pistols, stun devices, the works.
“Now I want you to pick out what you like and then try to see what fits you the best, you won’t get any ammo till you get on the range though.” I nodded to her and gave my look down. I wanted to try out all the weapons but a few of them really stuck with me. First off the stun baton was extremely useful so I decided that would be one of the weapons. Next I needed a lethal weapon, I am more close ranged so I grabbed a standard issue combat knife, double edge and really sharp.  Then I looked through all the guns but my nubs wouldn’t fit in some of the ones I liked. But I did find one, it was a Remington M-24 sniper rifle, bolt-action. It was perfect! Something that didn’t use a clip helped out a lot, because of my nubs some things are harder to hold, but a sniper bullet I could hold between my nubs, and I can pull back on bolt to just place a bullet in. Since the cartridge is internal no magazine was required. It had a simple rifle scope and it was fairly light for me. I grabbed that and they let me go inside the firing range. I went to the little slot where you get your ammo and they gave me a carrier and bullet in it. I strapped it around me best I could and got ready.
“Alright first just simple targets, take your time.” I heard Martin’s voice through the intercom. I got myself ready, had five bullets inserted and pulled back on the bolt. The gun was ready to fire and I made sure to line up my shot. I chose to aim at the closest target first and thankfully I was able to hit it.
“Alright good shot, now go for a farther target.” Martin said on the intercom. I pulled on the bolt and the empty casing flew out. I then loaded the next bullet in. I went for the second farthest target and I was able to hit it. Then I repeated the step with the next. I seemed like I was good at hitting non-moving objects but then Martin said I would have to hit moving targets. He brought out the next set of targets which were moving. I loaded the gun fully and then tried my hand, er paw at these new targets. I was able to hit the first one but I couldn’t hit some of the closer ones because of the scope.
“Okay it seems you set yourself up for long-range but go meet Nanaba for a pistol.” Martin said. I met up with her up there  and she handed me a 44-Magnum Revolver. This thing is supposed to kick like a mule so hopefully I can handle it. They keep setting me up with guns that won’t be hard for me to use. I tried firing it for the first time in my life and it wasn’t that bad, maybe it was because I was a lucario but it really wasn’t that bad. I was also very right, I was able to hit all the targets in a very small amount of time. Even though it took a bit of time between shots it was still very useful. I kept taking practice rounds after practice rounds until they told me it was enough. I then put down the guns and walked back into the room where everyone was at.
‘So how did I do?’ I asked.
“Pretty well I would say, it almost seems like you have fired a gun before!” Mirai stated. She wasn’t wrong, I did trap and skeet shooting with a shotgun when I used was a human.
‘Well what do you think my role has to be?’ I asked.
“Well with what you have shown us with your skills with guns and how you dealt with the stunt Aqua and Lyran provided us with yesterday I say that your role during a mission will be one of two things.” Nanaba explained.
‘Okay, what are they?’ I asked.
“You will either be with Mike and Lyran during ambush operations, they push in and make sure to take out as many hostiles as possible. Then for the other role we could pair you up with Mirai, not only is she our leader she is our sniper and assassin, your first choices were sniper and knife and your skills with extreme speed could make stealth a lot easier, and it finally gives Mirai a Pokémon companion. So during missions it will be one of those two jobs for you!” Nanaba explained with a smile.
“I hope you are okay with working with me.”Mirai asked.
I turned to her with a smile, ‘I am completely okay with it! I think it would be great for us to work together!’ She gave me a small smile back, ‘But I do have to ask a question! What is Braig and Keiran’s role?’
Keiran could thankfully answer, “Glad you asked, basically we take the sides, because Lyran provides the advance we offer support! Hide out until they need help and pop out like people throwing a surprise party!”
‘Sounds good, alright then I think I have everything right?’ I asked.
“Everything except for my role, what I am is our check and surveillance, I give every info on enemy whereabouts and what they is armed with, and Aqua here is my guard, she makes sure no one comes near my site.” Nanaba explained.
“Alright if that is all I have one more question, when is our first mission?” I asked.
“Right now! Grab the weapons you were using before, you will help me snipe the robbers, everyone else you know the drill, prepare yourselves!” With that we all in unison said sir, yes sir and headed out.
(Lucario POV)
-Alright this is it.- Gareth stated. I took a look at this metal shelter, there were vines covering it and it looked deserted.
-It looks inhabited.- I stated.
-Yeah, it is one of Siward’s abilities and tricks. He makes the place look deserted by covering it in vines, the vines are here so that means he is here.- He stated. I took a look with aura vision and what do you know they were in there.
-They are in there.- I said, -You know a lot about them Gareth.-
-I was one them, I should know about them.- He replied.
-Let me ask you though, what is the knife for?- In his hand was a steel butterfree knife he firmly gripped.
-It was the weapon they gave me, since I didn’t have blades of my own then they gave me this as an alternative.- He explained.
-Alright so what is the plan?- I asked.
-I am going in first, I will start fighting them off but when the time comes I want you to blast the roof open.- He explained.
-You sure that would work, what if they know you brought backup?- I asked.
-When I was with them I always fought alone, never brought back-up, so since the last time I saw them that is how they remembered me, and that is how they will see me now.- I left it at that and let him go inside as I got on the roof while avoiding the vines. I then sat there and used aura vision to watch what was going to go down.
(Gareth POV)
I walked up to the door of the hideout where I saw it still had the same locks. There were keyholes that instead of a key you used the blade you carried. I noticed theirs had changed because they probably evolved but then there was mine which hsa been unchanged. I flipped open the butterfree knife with finesse and place the blade in the mechanism. It fit perfectly. Banquo really was a wizard with this kind of stuff, guess metal is his specialty. I turned it and the door unlocked. I pushed it opened and walked inside. I haven’t seen these guys in forever, here is me hoping I can go against them. I walked into one of the rooms and what do you know.
In the room was a bisharp, samurott, and a scepile. When I entered the room they all blankly stared right at me. They were in a state of shock and could not believe what they were seeing. I was about to get ready but they stopped me.
-GARETH!- They all screamed in unison and tackled me.
-It is so good to see you again!- Stated Siward.
-It has been years man!- Said Banquo enthusiastically.
-It is good to see you Gareth, it has been too long.- Stated Ike.
I was really confused but I went along with it, -Yes it has been too long!- I screamed.
(Lucario POV)
While watching the scene I only had one thing to say.
-What the F-
(Gareth POV)
-Guess I should have visited more.- I stated.
-You should have! We haven’t seen you since you ran off.- Ike stated.
-Yeah man, why did you do that to us!?- Banquo asked.
-Well I am here now, how about you catch me up!- I stated.
-Follow me!- Ike instructed. They gave me a rundown of the place and everything that had changed. They had all sorts of furniture and were even able to set up a t.v.
This place is meant to get power so that has to be the reason they got it working. But the worst part is I knew all of this got stolen. They kept talking about all their stories of when they robbed, killed and hurt in their own name of justice. I couldn’t stand it anymore, enough was enough. But then he id something I didn’t expect.
-It is so good to have you back! We had this ready for your return and we couldn’t wait to see you again! Here it is!- Ike handed we a samurai sword that got engraved with my name on it.
-This is for you, we wanted to give this to you if you ever came back.- He stated.
I looked down at it and unsheathed it. I looked up at my three old friends in sorrow. At one point they were good friends but I have seen what they’ve done, what they will continue to do, this was just them trying to win me back, but they made their choice a long time ago, and I have made mine.
I stabbed Ike right in his chest as the others looked in shock. He looked down with a face of disbelief.
-You think some present it going to impress me, I have seen what you have done, the people you have killed, you just want the help, you don’t care about me or anyone, YOU ALL CARE ABOUT YOURSELVES! I COULDN’T FINISH YOU OFF THEN BUT NOW! IT IS OVER!- With that I ripped the sword out of him and kick him away. The other two got ready as he got his sword.
-I told you it wouldn’t work Ike.- Siward stated in a sinister tone, -But now we can kill this traitor.-
Banquo then came up, -This will be how you die Gareth.-
-You piece of s***, you hit the same spot you hit last time, now it is personal, you could have come back, but now I will make sure that you die.- Ike stated.
-You three were good friends to me, you took me in like I was family, you took me in. I had no one yet you gave me life, and showed me to do good in this world. There was a time when we helped people and did good things. As we kept going things changed, you all got greedy, darker, then you became murderers, then there was that day. The day you tried to make me do something that I would regret my entire life. You actually thought I would do it, and that is how you ended up with that scar, and that is the reason I left, and I would never return and I will never rejoin or help you do any of the things you do now! JUST THINKING ABOUT WHAT ALL OF YOU DID JUST PISSES ME OFF, THAT IS IT!-
My energy was going wild and when I let my blades come out they infused insanely with psychic energy. They made the blades get sharper and made them just like double edge blades. Then I got into a fighting stance with the new sword they just gave me as well. -I CAN’T HOLD IT BACK, YOU GUYS ARE DEAD!-
Alright here is chapter 33, it give us info and not much action but the next chapter is going to be fun to write! Trust me.Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (PMD) - Lucario (happy) 

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