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As i said before i love this piece but i want to give a fair critique. The originality, vision and impact are great! Instead of going w...

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Project X Chapter 13 Research
I spent the rest of the night working on the research project and was actually successful. I was able to get the anatomy research part of Elizabeth and I’s project. I had looked over my notes again before going to bed the previous night to check and see if I had everything in order, and once I did I finally went to sleep.
The next morning I got up extra early so I could go hunting. Thankfully deer in these forests are very common and not that spread out so it really isn’t hard to find. Once I hunted, cleaned up, got my coat on and turned back on my disguise I was finally ready to head out.
After my dash through the trees I made it to the school around a quarter past seven. I entered the building through the normal entrance and took a stop by the cafeteria and saw that Elizabeth and Sunny talking with each other. I walked up to them and gave a growl.
“Oh! Xeta what’s up?” Elizabeth asked.
In return I just shrugged my shoulders.
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Pokemon Revival Chapter 44 Pride
-Jae, Jae! JAE! WAKE UP!- When I heard my name called I quickly sprung up to see who it was. When I did I saw it was Lyran who had woke me up.
-Dude, this is the third time today you have fallen asleep, AND LOOK WHERE YOU DID IT THIS TIME!- I took a look around and saw that I was asleep on the lounge table and there were people waiting to use the table to eat their food.
-Oh….yeah, sorry,- I said.
-Don’t be, you have been up for four days straight, you shouldn’t be worked to death like this!- Lyran said as I got off the table.
-It’s fine *Yawn* I made a promise that I am willing to k-keeee…- And I fell over but Lyran thankfully caught me.
-You know what, I think you have kept your promise, you can’t take anymore, you have gone on call after call, marriage disputes, robberies, bounty hunts, and probably more during the night when we’re not around! You’ve had enough, I think you need to go home
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Project X Chapter 12 Gear Up.
-Okay!- I started breathing heavily from exhaustion, -How’d I…..How’d I do?- I asked Bruce.
“Well considering three of the trees over there have holes in them and one of them got knocked over from that steel tail and staff…..yeah! I’d say you did a pretty good job!” I looked around at the three trees that had holes in them. I had practiced using my force palm on those, which is kind of impressive, but I sent a good bit into each to cause the holes. I also tried practicing how to use it in a fight, which is pretty easy, just place my paw on any body part and let the energy go, it might be able to break bones!
Then for the tree that had fallen over. Yeah I was using my iron tail and my staff to make dents and practice how to hit with them. I learned how to hit if my back is turned and use my tail effectively. It worked out extremely well…..until the tree fell over, and here we are now! It has been about two or m
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Pokemon Revival Chapter 9 Comic part 5 by XetaJTS Pokemon Revival Chapter 9 Comic part 5 :iconxetajts:XetaJTS 6 22 Pokemon Revival Chapter 9 Comic part 4 by XetaJTS Pokemon Revival Chapter 9 Comic part 4 :iconxetajts:XetaJTS 4 4
Pokemon Revival Chapter 43 Lesson to Learn
Ray, Two hours earlier.
-Mom? Dad? Is that you?- I asked in disbelief.
-Well technically yes son,- My ‘Father’ said.
I didn’t care if it was real or fake, I really didn’t, I ran up at full speed to try to give them a hug, but when I did I came to a sad realization, I went right through them. I turned around in shock as they looked at me with sad expressions.
-Yeah this is what he meant by technically son,- My Mother said with a frown.
I tried again to hug them but my paw went through them, -I…I don’t get it, IS THIS SOME KIND OF SICK JOKE! HAVEN’T I ALREADY BEEN THROUGH ENOUGH!?- I then sat on my haunches and cried, covering my eyes with my paws.
-Honey please stop, we’re still here aren’t we?- I heard my Mom’s voice say.
-Yeah son, we’re still here!- My Dad said.
I looked up at them still with tears in my eyes, they were still here and they were talking to me, so w
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Pokemon Revival Chapter 9 Comic part 3 by XetaJTS Pokemon Revival Chapter 9 Comic part 3 :iconxetajts:XetaJTS 5 9 Pokemon Revival Chapter 9 Comic part 2 by XetaJTS Pokemon Revival Chapter 9 Comic part 2 :iconxetajts:XetaJTS 4 6 Pokemon Revival Chapter 9 Comic part 1 by XetaJTS Pokemon Revival Chapter 9 Comic part 1 :iconxetajts:XetaJTS 5 4 Let's go! (Lucario Gif) (Click to animate) by XetaJTS Let's go! (Lucario Gif) (Click to animate) :iconxetajts:XetaJTS 18 14
Project X Chapter 11 Practice Makes Perfect
I had gone to school the next morning dashing through the trees like I always do. I stopped at one branch just looking over the school, I always thought about what it would be like once I graduated. What would I do, what would I see? I kept looking at the school….still had some time left before it started. I just sat on the branch and thought to myself what awaited me ahead.
There was the ending where I would live happily, beat the bad guys, and society would accept me. Everyone would have a happy ending, everyone except for me, my tendencies to lose my mind, go berserk, my family was gone, and there would be no one I could ever be with.
Then the next ending, bad guys win….I die, my friends die, Elizabeth dies, then the people who did this to me can keep on going. They all get their wish, and I get to be with my family….Huh. It isn’t such a bad ending when you think about it.
Then the next one, I win and society doesn’t care, tries to hunt me down…an
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Pokemon Revival chapter 42 The Manor
Something had woken me up in the middle of the night, I knew it was nighttime because I couldn’t see hardly anything. What had woke me up was this cool breeze, it was warm the previous night but this time it was freezing, why?
I took a look around and saw the source, the window was open. That was strange, did Lucario open it? I took a look over at him and saw him dead asleep, nah it wasn’t him, then who could’ve…! NO WAY! I took another look around the room and saw that Ray was nowhere in sight. I ran up to the window and got a look outside, no luck I couldn’t see him, so I did the next best thing and jumped right out the window then off the roof to try to chase him down.
I took my time dashing through the woods, using my new nose to try to sniff him out. Thankfully scents come to me easy now, and I could distinguish which one was Ray’s. I kept following it to the best of my ability, and as I kept moving I got to a point where I realized I was i
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Project X Chapter 10 Rundown
-That is basically how it all went down up until this point Bruce,- I said after I finished retelling the events that have happened, from my perspective at least. He stayed quiet for a while, us just sitting in front of the fire pit in my cave, eating food. I could only guess he was trying to comprehend everything that I had told him. After a minute or so he finally had something to say.
“Okay, first off, why did that man and his ‘group’ choose you?” He asked.
-I don’t know,- I replied.
“Also how were you able to use that tail thing that night but had only realized how to use it today?” He asked.
-I don’t….know,- I replied again.
“And how come were you going to try to leave everything behind! Why didn’t you just tell us!? WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME?!” He said.
-I DON’T KNOW!!!!- I screamed while standing up and shouting along the telepathy. After I cooled off I sat
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Ask the OCS! (Pokemon Revival and Project X)
Alright as a special for my 50 watcher milestone I am doing a ask the OC special. I was originally thinking about just using Xeta and Jae for this but I decided to make it to where you may ask any OC from either story!
Rules: It's simple really, just type down in the comments the question, who you are asking, and I will reply as fast as possible. You may ask as many questions as you want, but the only thing I can go against is spoilers, so asking about what has happened in the future is prohibited because well, it hasn't happened yet.
Alright hope you all enjoy this and I may do more of these in the future! Hope you all enjoy!
If you want to know what stories I am referring to go check these out!
Pokemon Revival:
Project X:
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Regretable Decision (Pokemon Revival picture) by XetaJTS Regretable Decision (Pokemon Revival picture) :iconxetajts:XetaJTS 11 18 Jae Lucario Faces by XetaJTS Jae Lucario Faces :iconxetajts:XetaJTS 8 11


Fire of the Delphox (REMASTERED): Chapter 1
I felt someone pull a hand out from under my head, and before I could react, I felt my face smack against the desk with a “THUD!” The chorus of laughter then filled my ears as I pulled my face up from my desk. I rubbed my eyes to get the sleep out of them, and I was greeted to my teacher looming over me with a stern look on his face. His fierce eyes seemed to pierce my very being.
“How many times have I told you: DON’T SLEEP IN MY CLASS!”
“Sorry Mr. Harper,” I said ashamed.
“If I catch you sleeping in class again, I’m giving you a detention!” he said angrily. He turned around and walked back towards the front of the room. “Now, as I was saying, to find the value of X, we must…” I was listening as well as I could, but my attention was turned from the teacher to the boy next to me as he whispered my name.
“Tad, what was that all a
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Grass and rock type lapras. by MoonMan246 Grass and rock type lapras. :iconmoonman246:MoonMan246 1 9 Short (and lazily done) comic by LucarioOcarina Short (and lazily done) comic :iconlucarioocarina:LucarioOcarina 44 20 Tragedy 1(original by XetaJTS) by JulieKao Tragedy 1(original by XetaJTS) :iconjuliekao:JulieKao 3 1 Pathways by LucarioOcarina Pathways :iconlucarioocarina:LucarioOcarina 36 3 Kara. (In the dark zone). by MoonMan246 Kara. (In the dark zone). :iconmoonman246:MoonMan246 2 3
A Reminder
We are all connected like the grapes on the vine, ready to snap at the blink of an eye, whether it be via difference,
Must we all fight in a fake war? One motivated by our thoughts,
The chances of us ever gaining profit from our “Crusade” is nil.
We all bleed the same.
We all die eventually.
We can choose to help one another out though. Isn’t that what humanity stands for? Is it really “human beings collectively",
Or is it just one grand lie to keep us in false hope.
We can’t forget we have the chance.
The chance we can unite as one, one successful swarm in this hive we decide to call Earth.
Just a reminder.
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Aura in the Water by STARWARRIOR001 Aura in the Water :iconstarwarrior001:STARWARRIOR001 8 5 BW Portrait by ColorfullyMonotone BW Portrait :iconcolorfullymonotone:ColorfullyMonotone 114 30 [COM] Cute Witch by rainbow000pegasus [COM] Cute Witch :iconrainbow000pegasus:rainbow000pegasus 28 38 The Return of Hiccup by RioluFan1987 The Return of Hiccup :iconriolufan1987:RioluFan1987 25 59 Sadness Is In The Air 2 by RioluFan1987 Sadness Is In The Air 2 :iconriolufan1987:RioluFan1987 14 14 Drunken Kailob by RioluFan1987 Drunken Kailob :iconriolufan1987:RioluFan1987 13 176 Page Five by RioluFan1987 Page Five :iconriolufan1987:RioluFan1987 10 39



I spent the rest of the night working on the research project and was actually successful. I was able to get the anatomy research part of Elizabeth and I’s project. I had looked over my notes again before going to bed the previous night to check and see if I had everything in order, and once I did I finally went to sleep.
The next morning I got up extra early so I could go hunting. Thankfully deer in these forests are very common and not that spread out so it really isn’t hard to find. Once I hunted, cleaned up, got my coat on and turned back on my disguise I was finally ready to head out.
After my dash through the trees I made it to the school around a quarter past seven. I entered the building through the normal entrance and took a stop by the cafeteria and saw that Elizabeth and Sunny talking with each other. I walked up to them and gave a growl.
“Oh! Xeta what’s up?” Elizabeth asked.
In return I just shrugged my shoulders.
“Hey Xeta! So you been keeping quiet?” Sunny joked.
To that I gave a small growl-like chuckle and nodded.
“Good to hear! So what you got planned?” Sunny asked.
I quickly opened my bag and got out a piece of paper and started writing. I wrote, “Sorry I can’t stay, I need to go to the library to research something!”
“Ah, okay!” Sunny said.
“Alright, see you Xeta, I will talk to you in first period!” Elizabeth said. I walked out of the cafeteria and went down a hall that took me to the front office, once there I took a left to get to the library. Once inside I got on one of the computers in there. I opened up the browser and typed in the address for our local police station.  I went to recent crimes on the site and scrolled through them. I was finally able to find mine. I opened the page and saw it had been filed as an arson-murder.
I saw victims as my mother’s name, my father’s name, my brother’s name, and then my name. Too bad they didn’t add the others he killed, guess that's accounted for other states departments but….it still pissed me off.
I noticed under status that everyone but me was dead, but the thing was I could click on one extra name, that man from that night. “Monty Landers” was the name. I clicked on his name and saw his info come up. Pretty much all I got was what he did and his status, dead.
But then I opened another tab and looked up this guy’s name. Apparently he had a facebook, I looked it over and nothing really special on it, except one thing! There was actually a photo and post that he sent to his friends. It was about his new house, or I should say an apartment.
He lived in this town, either he recently moved here, or this group has people spread out. I quickly pulled out my phone, opened notes, and copied the address down to the letter. I then quickly snapped a photo of the guy as well. After that I put my phone away and tried to see if I could learn anything about the guy.
After a bit of research I found more on him, he had been wanted as a high-end drug dealer, getting people the really bad stuff. Meth, heroine, cocaine, and stuff that I didn’t even recognize as drugs. That got me thinking if he had any accomplices or teammates, maybe I could find them and try to get some info out of them. These guys could know who Monty was working with, or could lead me to someone who knows who Monty worked for, either way I am getting some info.
“Hey Xeta!” I looked over to my right to see Sunny standing there.
I just give her a wave as a reply.
“Hey listen I don’t have much time left, so do you mind if I use the computer for a bit?” She asked.
I nodded to her and got up from the computer.
“Thanks! Talk to you later!” She replied. With that I took my leave to head on to first period where I assumed Elizabeth was.

Once I did get to class I saw that she was in there waiting for me as I knew she would be. I went and sat with her in the desk beside her.
“Hey! So did you get the research done?” She asked.
-Yep! Here!- I reached into my bag and pulled out the three pages of notes I had for the project.
“Nice! Thanks, I am almost done with my part so we can present Friday!” She said.
-Alright, sounds good! Just don’t forget okay?- I said.
“Okay!” She replied.
Class for that period went on as usual. We did our work as normal and by then end our teacher told us we had our project we still needed done! Then second period came along and our dick-headed teacher wasn’t such a dick today. He seemed to really chill out after Elizabeth’s roast she gave him the other day.
Third period was nothing special. Just same I old same old from that class. Nothing to do, nothing to see because Elizabeth wasn’t there.
Then fourth, things went normal at first but before I left and was able to go to lunch Mrs. Leonhart stopped me.
“Xeta, can you come here for a moment?” She asked.
I walked back over to her and nodded.
“Xeta, are you okay? And I mean that in every way, physically, mentally, is there anything you want to tell me?” She asked.
I just shook my head to tell her I am fine.
“Listen Xeta, I am not asking this just because I am a teacher, and I'm supposed to check on my students, it’s because I care about you! After everything you went through I am just scared that something bad may happen or you might make a choice you will regret, so please tell me the truth, is there anything you want to tell me?” She asked.
I just gave her a kind smile and shook my head once more.
“Okay Xeta, just tell me if you need anything okay?” She asked.
I nodded to her to tell her I would.
“Stay safe!” She said as I walked out the door.
In return I waved bye to her.
Once I got to the lunch table I noticed that Elizabeth was with Sunny, I didn’t even know Sunny had this lunch period. I went to sit down with them and they both greeted me.
“Hey Xeta!” Elizabeth said.
“Xeta good to see ya!” Sunny greeted.
I waved and sat down in the booth across from them. I then reached into m bag and got out my food to eat.
“Hey Xeta what is that?” Sunny asked.
I looked down at my food which is the deer meat I usually carry around with me all the time. I got out a piece of paper to write with and wrote it down.
“Oh? Just some food you cook at your place? What kind of meat is it?” Sunny asked.
I wrote down that it was tender loin.
“May I try some?” She asked.
I gave her a piece and she tried it. She gave it a funny look but then looked at me with a smile.
“Wow! This is pretty good! You’re a pretty good cook y’know?”  Sunny exclaimed.
I wrote down thank you on the piece of paper I had.
Sunny turned to Elizabeth, “Hey Elizabeth do you mind if I come hang with you tonight? You’re parents wouldn’t mind would they?”
“Uh, I don’t think so, but they are pretty strict,” Elizabeth explained.
“Here! Call them and let me talk to them!” Sunny said. Sunny talked on the phone while I used writing to talk to Elizabeth.
“So is everything okay?” She asked.
I wrote back, “My teacher's worried about me.”
“Why?” She asked.
“Because of all that has happened with my parents and family,” I wrote.
“Oh! I see, she does care about you huh? Who knows, I have heard really good things about that teacher, especially from you, maybe she thinks of you as a son?” Elizabeth guessed.
I nodded, maybe she did think of me that way, I’m not too sure myself.
“Okay! Just got off the phone, they said I could!” Sunny exclaimed.
“Wow, how did you manage that?” Elizabeth asked.
“I am a very good smooth talker!” She said.
“Okay th-“ All of the sudden the bell rung I waved to those two as I headed off for my next class.
The next three classes were the same stuff I always deal with, along with a test that I had to study for in sixth period.
After classes were over I searched around for Bruce. I saw him and gave a wave for him to come over to me.
Once he walked over he asked, “Yeah? What’s up?”
-Check this out,- I replied taking out my phone. I opened up the photo of the guy on the phone and let him look at it.
“Yeah it’s a photo of a guy, so?” He asked.
-This “guy” is the man who burned down my house, killed my family, and- I raised my hood and turned off the disguise, -Did this to me!- I then quickly turned the disguise back on.
“OH! Shit we gonna go get his ass?!” He said seriously.
-Nope, he is already dead by the hands of yours truly, why I am showing you this is because I have his address,- I explained.
“And what are we going to do with that?” He asked.
-We are going to search the place, see if he knows anyone, and see if they know who he worked for!- I said.
“Sounds like a plan, so are we going tonight?” He asked.
-You up for it?- I asked back.
“Hell yeah, got nothing better to do,” He said.
-Alright then.-
My mom drove me and Sunny back to our house where we could finally hang out for once. I had been over to her house a few times but she was never able to come over to mine. Once we got home I noticed my dad was still at work so I decided Sunny and I would just head up to our room until dinner.
We got inside and she took an opportunity to drop her stuff and crash on my bed, “OH THANK GOD! Thought it would never end!”
“You always say that y’know?” I said.
“Yeah well this time is different, finally get to hang at your place this time, so let’s see!” She said while getting up, “Wanna jam out?”
“Can’t, parents don’t let me,” I said sadly.
“Oh…um, have any board games, any video games even?” She asked.
“I’ve got chess, the only game my parents allowed me to play because it was, ‘A game educational enough for a winner,’ that’s all I got,” I said.
“Eh well, better than nothing, still gonna kick your ass in it!” She said.
“You don’t know what you are dealing with, I have played this for years!” I said getting cocky.
We started the casual game of chess. Sunny played it safe trying to make a blockade around her king. It is a good set up for chess but I was not going to let it stop me from winning. She started talking to me during the game.
“So why do your parents do this to you?” She asked.
“Be specific, because they have done a lot to me,” I replied as I made my next move.
“Okay, why do they treat you like you can’t have any fun?” She asked.
“Because they don’t care about how I feel,” I said back.
“Well I'm surprised Xeta hasn't come over here and kicked their asses for that one,” She said.
“Be careful about cursing around my parents, they will get on you about that, and possibly make you leave,” She said.
“Damn, I'm surprised they even let you have a phone!” She said.
“Oh trust me they didn’t, but after me begging I made them realize I could get hurt or worse without one,” I said. “And what’s worse is that they tried to put a child lock on it!”
“You’re eighteen! Why the hell would they do that!?” She asked.
“It almost happened too! But the shopkeeper wouldn’t let them!” I replied.
“Okay so tell me why would they do this?” She asked.
I gave a breath, “My parents don’t care about me, they only cared about their business. They had long since married before I was born, and they came up with their own business, they made their own clothing line, my father did the men’s designs, and my mom did the women’s. They were happy! Nothing could go wrong, except for one thing!” I said.
“What’s that?” She said.
“They have no one to continue their business. They wanted their line of work to last even after they died, so they had the great idea to have a child! They had no intention of being parents, they only wanted another worker! They also think I am stupid, I have heard them many times during the night over the years, talking about how I will take over, talking about ways of brainwashing me into running it! But oh no! Jokes on them, I am moving out as soon as I graduate! And great news Xeta has offered for me to stay with him, and I will NEVER! Let myself be their pawn,” I finished explaining.
Sunny looked down with an evil grin, “You should prank them during graduation, get them good, and then run off with Xeta! I can help too! I know many ways of making people regret doing things, especially after what they did to you, hell you know Xeta would be on board, after hearing that he would want to give your parents hell!” Sunny said.
“Yeah, it would work, but I would need a getaway driver!” I said.
“Got it covered, it’s good to hear Xeta would let you stay with him, but real quick where does he live?” She questioned me.
“Oh…um, he lives in an apartment! That’s what he told me,” I said.
“So you’ve never seen it?” She asked more seriously.
“No,” I lied.
“Well then hear this, I don’t think he lives in an apartment!” She said with a grin.
“What, where do you think he lives then?” I asked.
“Well I don’t know for sure but I know this! I have kept up with Xeta’s actions for the past few days! He has gone with his friend Bruce to the woods, the woods near the school. Through that woods there are only houses, not apartments. In fact there isn’t and apartment complex that way for miles, I checked it!” She said.
“Okay so? Maybe he lied and bought a house! Could be a surprise for me y’know?” I said back.
“Well I don’t know, but that isn’t all I know about him! This morning when he said he needed research I went up and asked if I could use his computer, and thankfully he didn’t log out! Take a look at what I found!” She said while bringing out her phone.
On her phone she had photos of the pages that were on Xeta’s computer, and to prove it was his account she showed who signed in to the computer, and what do you know Xeta Shidel was on there. The pages she showed me were of this guy by the name of Monty Landers, and his Facebook page. But then it got worse.
“You see this, this Monty guy is the guy who burned Xeta’s house down! But get this it shows that he's deceased, and guess who the file said killed him?” She said.
I just didn’t say anything.
“That’s right! It was Xeta! It said here that one of the officers gave him a gun to kill the man, and Xeta accepted, no questions asked!” She explained. “But then during lunch it caught my eye on what he had to meat, when he said it was tenderloin, he was lying! I have had that type of meat before, that was deer!” She explained.
“Now unless he knows a hunter how else would he have gotten that unless he hunted himself, and he goes to that forest everyday, so my guess is he lives in the woods!” She said.
Okay I had to stop this, “Really?! Sunny I have heard some things from you but this tops it all! I mean the woods really? What you think he lives in a cave or something?” I said. “And if he did live in the woods, then that means he must have gotten some construction done for a house out there!”
“Yeah that is true, all of that is true, but listen I am not doing this to diss him or make him look bad, it just got me curious! But listen this is the real kicker!” She opened her phone again and went to her camera’s videos. She started up this video that she took today and it showed Bruce and Xeta talking.
“You see look at that, Bruce is talking with him, but Xeta is not using notes, isn’t that weird?” She asked.
“Yeah I guess, but they might know hand signals or something of the sort y’know?” I said back.
“True, but that isn’t the reason I wanted to show you this was this part here, watch!” She said pointing to the phone. I saw that Xeta was giving hand motions and then he lifted up his hood. All of the sudden his height changed and you could see part of his muzzle through his hood, and at the bottom of his coat you could see some of the tail, then a second later it goes back to normal!
“You see that? His height changes, and I swear that is a tail!” She said.
I got a little nervous, “Well you know, it could be your camera messing with you?” I said.
“Yeah, when you’re a photographer that is how it works, but I know there is a scoop here! If I am ever going to be a journalist I will have to be able to crack stuff open for the truth, and I know there is something here! I don’t know what exactly it is but I want to find it! Don’t you agree?” She asked.
“Well I mean it is strange, but I mean Xeta’s a good guy,” I retorted.
“I know he is, I just think there is more that happened that night than we originally thought, I want to find out!” Sunny said.
“Well just don’t get obsessed with it,” I warned.
“I won’t, but hopefully I can find it out, even if it’s just something small I want to find out!” She exclaimed.
“Alright, now where were we?” I asked.
“Oh right, well I was at the part where I was about to put you in check!” Sunny said.
“Oh yeah right! I already said you’re not winning!” I said getting back to the game.
Sunny…she had no idea what she was getting into. I might have to tell her the truth if it gets too out of hand, but I might want to talk to Xeta about it first! It’s his decision if he wants people to know, if he doesn’t then they shouldn’t, I will have to see what I can do about this.
Project X Chapter 13 Research
Sorry it took a while. Was pretty sick today, BUT I MADE IT TO MY 6 MONTH ANNIVERSARY WOO! I love you guys for doing this thank all of you for sticking with me this far and reading my stuff, reading comments and hearing responses from you all give me so much joy! Thank you all for everything!

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Thank you all for making all of this possible! The next chapter of Project X will be posted shortly after this, all of you stay safe and stay awesome!
-Jae, Jae! JAE! WAKE UP!- When I heard my name called I quickly sprung up to see who it was. When I did I saw it was Lyran who had woke me up.
-Dude, this is the third time today you have fallen asleep, AND LOOK WHERE YOU DID IT THIS TIME!- I took a look around and saw that I was asleep on the lounge table and there were people waiting to use the table to eat their food.
-Oh….yeah, sorry,- I said.
-Don’t be, you have been up for four days straight, you shouldn’t be worked to death like this!- Lyran said as I got off the table.
-It’s fine *Yawn* I made a promise that I am willing to k-keeee…- And I fell over but Lyran thankfully caught me.
-You know what, I think you have kept your promise, you can’t take anymore, you have gone on call after call, marriage disputes, robberies, bounty hunts, and probably more during the night when we’re not around! You’ve had enough, I think you need to go home and get some decent rest,- Lyran said.
-Oh…..okay…- I said tired.
-Listen, I don’t think the others know about how bad of a state you are in, come on,- He helped me walk down the halls of the police station where others walked as well. At the beginning of this week everyone was looking at me with hate and malice for what I did to Martin, but after I kept working day and night word spread around, even to the public. I wasn’t a hero, but I was known well enough to where I was willing to not give up and help. The people in the halls looked at me with hate at the beginning of the week, but now, them seeing me in the state I was, they all looked worried and concerned, I was barely even able to walk with how tired I was.
After going down the hall we made it to our quarters. Everyone was in there and when we walked in they freaked out.
“LYRAN WHAT HAPPENED!?” Mike screamed.
Since he couldn’t speak I did for him, ‘Tired, just tired….nothing…happened….just tired,’ I said weakly in telepathy.
“Oh jeez, have you had any sleep?” Mirai came up and asked.
‘No…..I’ve been awake for *yawn* four days,’ I spoke.
“FOUR DAYS?!” Keiran yelled, “Is this about you attacking Martin?!”
‘Not only that, I’m doing it so a friend who lost his parents can stay at our house,’ I said.
I saw a look of anger come across Keiran, “Know what, I have seen some shit but that is too far, I understand the assault, but he is working you to death, I’m going to talk some sense into him! Lyran give Jae to Mirai, your coming with us, you too Braig!” Lyran helped walk me over to Mirai and she took me and helped me walk. Then those three went to go talk with Martin while I was sill just hanging out. Aqua Nanaba and Mike came up to me and Mirai.
-Hey, you alright?- Aqua asked.
-Like I said, just tired,- I said.
-Kid you are more than tired, you look dead! You need rest,- Aqua said.
-I’m fine….I’m…- I started.
-No your not, stop trying to act like that, you don’t have to act like you can handle everything,- Aqua said.
-I know I just….I just want to help,- I said.
-Well you can’t help if you can’t move,- She said.
-Yeah I guess,- I said.
“Hey you alright?” Mike asked. He is usually a quiet guy, probably one of the first times he has shown concern for me.
‘Yeah, thanks Mike, just worked myself too hard,’ I said.
“Heck, you look like me when I just joined,” He said.
‘Really?’ I asked.
“Yep, first year here I was working myself to death, trying to do everything right, give it my all, got a couple of bad scars because of it too, you keep up what you are doing and you will get yourself hurt or killed, I know I did,” He said.
Nanaba spoke up, “Mike that was not your fault! He jumped in front of you, he saved you!”
“Yeah, but it really should have been me,” He said.
“Don’t say that, if you weren’t alive it would devastate Lyran, you can’t do that to him!” Mirai said.
‘Yeah man, it’s you who gets to make choices, and your friend made his, don’t let it go to waste,’ I said.
“Yeah, let me go though, gonna talk to Martin,” He said.
“I think enough people have gone already Mike! It will be fine!” Mirai said.
“She’s right, you tend to get to violent with him anyway, as do I, Keiran is a better negotiator than us, so let him handle it!” Nanaba said.
“*Huff* Your right, listen, you just get home Jae, get some rest, take him Mirai okay?” He said.
“Okay, come on, let's go Jae,” With that I said goodbye to those three and we walked down the halls to get to Martin’s office. On the way Mirai was talking to me.
“You remind me of my sister,” Mirai said.
This was new, I hadn’t heard anything about a sister, ‘Really, how so?’
“She was always there for people, and cared for everyone she knew, you have that same attitude, you are putting yourself through this so a friend can have a place to live, you care about those you know, just like she did,” She finished.
‘What happened to her?’ I asked.
“Uh….If you don’t mind can I not say,” She said, her face contorted to one of complete despair when I said that.
‘It’s fine, you have your reasons,’ I said.
“Thanks,” As we walked we got to Martin’s office where I saw Keiran was having a real good talking to with Martin. But as I walked my legs gave out. Before I feel I noticed that Martin saw me and I heard my name called by him and Mirai.
“Hey, are you okay?!” Mirai yelled.
‘I…..can’t get up….I think I overdid it….’ I said with honesty, I couldn’t get up, my legs just wouldn’t work with me, insomnia and exhaustion, hell of a combo.
“Here,” She said. She started to try to carry me.
‘No….I can…’ I said.
“No. You can’t, just stop,” She said.
‘Okay…’ I said. I let her pick me up and she kicked the door as a way to knock.
Keiran opened it and she walked inside.
“What’s wrong with him?” Martin asked.
“Martin, he’s exhausted! His legs gave out he can’t even move!” Mirai said.
“No, it got that bad!” Keiran said.
Martin looked down for a minute, “He’ll be fine, just give him a minute and he will be back on his feet,” He said.
“Martin no! I have seen him asleep three times today! He needs to get rest!” Mirai said.
“He can handle it, besides he needs to keep his promise!” Martin said.
“We’re not saying for him to quit! We’re saying he needs to rest! Let him have today to get a full nights rest then he will be good as new tomorrow! Who knows maybe then he can get us the info we need out of our special guests,” Mirai said.
Martin looked down in thought one last time, looked at me, then took a breath, “Oh alright. He gets tonight, but he will still keep his deal for the rest of the week.”
I looked over at Martin, ‘Thank you….’
He looked down and back up, “Your welcome.”
Mirai then followed Martin as they walked to the front entrance with me half asleep in Mirai’s arms. Martin opened his car door for Mirai and she laid me in the seat and put the seatbelt on. Martin got in the car and cranked it.
‘Mirai,’ I said.
“Yeah?” She asked.
‘Thanks…’ I replied.
“No problem,” She said and shut the door.
As the car started to move I started to feel myself drift off. After maybe thirty seconds of sitting there I finally fell asleep.
“Hey, Jae come on we’re home,” I heard Martin say as I was shook from my slumber.
I woke with a stir and a stretch, ‘Oh, thanks,’ I started to open the door but Martin stopped me.
“Hey Jae,” He said.
‘Yeah?’ I asked.
“You have….you’ve done a good job, you not only proved yourself but the public trusts the police more now that you have worked the past few days for twenty-four hours. I’m proud of you, for everything you’ve done for us, and for my family, you have well-earned your friend’s stay, and your brother’s,” He said calmly.
I looked at him with a smile, ‘Thanks, and sorry for attacking you.’
“It didn’t even hurt, go get some rest, you deserve it,” He said. With that we got out of the car and walked up to the front door of the house. He unlocked it and we entered the house as he called out we we’re home.
-JJJJJAAAAAAEEEEEEE!- I heard someone scream. The voice was very similar to Ray’s, but it had a slightly, deeper tone then normal. From the staircase I saw….A PIKACHU!?!
This Pikachu ran up to me and jumped in my arms. Thankfully I was able to catch him and when I did he started speaking, -Jae! It’s so good to see you!-
-RAY!?! What?! How did this happen?!?!- I asked.
-A lot has happened since you have been gone! I have to tell you all about it!- He said.
Before I could speak my brother came in, -Oh hey! Good to see you back!- Jon said.
-Yeah, it’s good to see you too….so Jon did you,- Before I could finish he spoke.
-Yes, I did the favor you asked of me,- He said.
-Thanks,- I replied as I put Ray down.
I saw Riley come in as well from his room, “Hey Jae!” He started but then got this weird look on his face, “Wait Jae, are those bags under your eyes?”
I felt under my eyes and I think I did have bags or wrinkles, huh didn’t think that could happen, ‘Uh, I guess…’
“How long have you been awake for?” Riley asked.
‘Well I took a nap in the car but before that……four days,’ I said.
Everyone in the room besides Martin screamed out , “FOUR DAYS!” Simultaneously.
Riley continued though, “Dad!? I know you said he would stay at the police station, but you didn’t let him get any sleep!?” He said as Lucario entered the room because of the screaming.
“Son look! He did what he needed to do, and now that I see that this one evolved now the extra hours Jae put in will matter, and besides I’m not making him do it anymore, normal hours from now on, period!” Martin said.
“Jae, you look dead man, I think you need to sleep!” Riley said.
‘Tell me about it, was about to do that now,’ I said.
-AH! Wait but Jae I wanted to tell you about what happened and show you some things!- Ray pleaded.
I got down to talk to him, -Listen Ray, if I try to do that now I will probably end up falling asleep through it, just let me sleep till dinner, I should be well rested to hear about all what happened then okay?-
He looked down for a moment then looked up with a smile, -Alright! I will be sure to wake you!-
-Alright,- I said. ‘Okay guys, I’m going to get some sleep, see you in a bit!’ Before I could get up the stairs though Carol ran down the stairs with something in her arms.
“DAD!” She yelled.
“Hey there! What you got there sweetheart? Mom get you a new toy?” He asked.
“Nope! Even better!” She held the thing in her hands in front of her and…..oh my god, it was a mimikyu, that Pokémon who looks like a pikachu and has the most broken ability in the game. “It’s a Pokemon dad! Lucario said she's called a Mimikyu and her name is Mimi! I found her in my toy pile! CAN I KEEP HER? PLEASE!?” She yelled.
Martin’s face was in the same state as mine, he looked at me with a bit of rage, I guess he thought I had something to do with it. To respond I just shook my head at him. He got a little surprised and looked down at her daughter. Okay one thing for certain, if she was my daughter I probably couldn’t have said no to her.
He got down on his knees, “Sure sweetie, but she is your responsibility, that means giving her food, drink, and looking out for her, you can do that right?”
She nodded repeatedly, “YES! I promise I will!”
“Alright then, she can stay,” He said which in turn made Carol scream in joy.
Carol turned around and looked at me, “JAE! Meet Mimi! She is my new friend!” She said displaying the mimikyu.
I decided to speak first, -Hey there Mimi!-
-Hello!- She said in her child-like voice, -Your Jon’s brother right?- She asked.
-Yep, that’s right, it’s good to meet you!- I said.
-Good to meet you too! Your brother and Ray are my heroes! And Carol is super nice!- She said.
-Well that’s good for you to say that about Carol, but my brother and Ray heroes? Why’s that?- I asked.
She paused for a minute, -Well, I will let Ray tell you that!-

I decided to leave it at that, “So what did she say?” Carol asked.
‘She said it was good to meet me, and she said you are very nice to her!’ I told Carol.
“REALLY!?” She then hugged Mimi, “Thanks Mimi! I’m glad to have a friend like you!” Which in response Mimi said you're welcome. I guess she didn’t have to worry about suffocating from Carol’s hugs, guess that means Carol can death grip her as much as she wants with no repercussions.
‘Alright guys, talk to you all later, I’m getting some sleep,’ I said to them and they all said “see ya” or “later.” I then went to me and Lucario’s room and went to my bed to lay down. Before I did though I noticed fur in my bed besides my own, guess Jon and Ray slept in here because of the extra blue fur and yellow fur. I then got in my bed and drifted off into a much deserved sleep.
-Hey Jae,- Someone said calmly while nudging me awake. I got up from my bed to see that it was Ray who had said that.
-Hey there, what’s up?- I asked as I stretched.
-Well it’s almost dinner, like you said that is when you wanted to get up,- He said back.
-Well, it isn’t ready yet is it, come on I want you to tell me how you evolved!- I said happily.
He gave a small smile and scratched the back of his head, -Well it isn’t, I just wanted to tell you before then.-
-Alright then! Let me hear it!- I said.
-Well before that I have to tell you something else,- He said kind of scared.
-Well…what is it?- I asked.
He paused, trying to find the words he was looking for, -Jon…..Jon told me you and him were humans,- He started.
It shocked me to hear that but I calmed down, -Okay, so….what do you think?- I asked.
He paused for another second, -To be honest, I think it’s pretty cool!- He said with a smile, -I mean, how many other Pokémon can say that their friend used to be human and lived a human life-NOT! That I would tell anyone of course because that is your secret and you have every right to it!- He said the last part in a panic.
-It’s fine, I don’t have a problem with you knowing it, Lucario know too!- I said.
-Really!? Okay that does make me feel better….- I noticed his expression turn grim though.
-What’s wrong?- I asked.
He paused before speaking, -You lost your parents too….didn’t you?- He asked.
That shocked me but I had to guess Jon told him that too, -Yeah, I did…- I said.
-Did you ever…..try to kill yourself?- He asked grimly.
My eyes widened in shock, -N-no…Why?- I asked.
He looked down completely now, -Because I did…..-
My heart skipped a beat when he said that, -What?......When?-
-It happened the other day, I thought that if I just wished them alive, just had that thought in my head that they weren’t dead, then maybe it would come true…..and when Jon kept telling me the truth I tried to….I tried to…- He had tears in his eyes now, -I TRIED TO GIVE UP! LIKE A DAMN COWARD! I TRIED TO JUST FORGET EVERYONE, AND EVERYTHING, JUST BECAUSE I WAS SELFISH, AND DIDN’T CARE ABOUT WHAT OTHERS WOULD SAY OR DO! I was too weak….and if it wasn’t for Jon…..everything you did to help me would’ve been for nothing.-
I really didn’t know what to do but he was really hurting now. I looked at him as if he was a kid, not just any kid, but my kid, so I did what any parent would do, I hugged him and gave him comfort, and he returned it.
We just sat for a bit, until we finally broke the hug.
I started to speak after the hug, -Do you promise to never do that again?-
He looked up at me again, and I continued, -You evolved, and it seems my brother was able to stop you, so what I see now is that you were able to grow and learn from your mistakes, am I right?-
He wiped his tears from his face and he spoke, -But I wasn’t! I got tricked by these ghost Pokémon, they disguised themselves as my parents and Jon had to come after me, and he had been wounded and then-
-You evolved…and saved him right?- I asked.
He looked up at me, -Well, yeah but…but..-
-But nothing! I want to hear all about it!- I said happily.
I saw a smile slowly form when I said that, -OKAY!- He said.
Ray then told me everything about what happened. How the ghosts tricked him, him meeting Mimi, to Jon coming in with the wound, to Jon protecting him, to him saying that Jon had stabbed himself to stopped a potential possession, to him evolving, then the fight ensuing, then Lucario saving them!
-It was so amazing! I jumped up with my tail, slammed it on the one ghost! Then as we flew down and slammed more electro balls on top o-oh!- I put my paw on his head and it made him stop talking.
-You’ve done great Ray, I’m proud of you!- I said with a smile.
-Thanks Jae!- He replied with a smile.
-Okay, now I am hungry, let's go see what Claire has to eat!- I said.
-Okay!- He said following me.
We went down to the kitchen where Claire was cooking and I saw that Jon had a steamed magikarp he was chewing on. Mimi had some fruit and Lucario had the same. Claire seemed like she was cooking spaghetti for everyone else though.
“Oh! Hey Jae, here, I know you haven’t had it in a bit so I thought you would like it” Calire said. She handed me a plate of sushi and I was just as happy as ever to see it. “And since our new friend evolved as celebration he gets some ice cream along with his dinner!”
‘Are you sure that is okay?’ I asked.
“Don’t worry, I am not going to sugar high him,” she said.
‘Is it chocolate?!’ Lucario interrupted.
“No. It’s not,” Claire said with a dead pan expression.
‘Aw…’ He said walking away.
She then got close to my ear and whispered, “We don’t give him chocolate anymore, last time we did he broke a window.”
‘Gotcha,’ I said.
Everyone started to chow down on their food, and while they did I just looked around, it was never this lively when I first came here. I only had one person to really talk to back then, but now, seeing everyone here, and happy, gives me hope, that everything will be okay, and maybe a bit crowded… but hey, it’s good to have people around, the more the merrier they say!
I sat down where Ray was, he had finished his fruit and was licking a small vanilla ice cream cone.
-Hey, you like that huh?- I asked.
-Yeah! It’s so good!....Hey did your parents ever do something like this for you?- He asked.
-What do you mean?- I asked.
-When you did something special, or accomplished something, did they ever give you rewards or treats?- He asked.
-Oh shoot! Yeah they did! I mean they used to give me stuff like money every year I finished a grade in school! They would give me and my brother money and toys every time we grew a year older, we even celebrated something called Christmas where they went all out!- I explained.
-Christmas?- He asked confused.
-Yep! It’s a holiday about everyone coming together, having fun, and being a family, whether you were religious or not!- I explained.
-And they gave you tons of gifts!?- He asked.
-Yeah well, that is great and all, but you learn as you get older that it wasn’t the stuff they gave you that was important….being together with them is the most important thing to be honest…..but the sad part is I didn’t learn that until I was older, and I had a lot of grudges against them at that time…..wish I spent more time with them,- I said sadly.
-Yeah….same….but I mean, at least we still have good people to hang around with right?- He asked.
-Heh!- I put my paw on his head and shuffled the fur on top of it, -You got that right!-
-Yeah!- He replied.
We then finished our food and everyone just enjoyed the rest of the night until it was time for bed. I had decided that Ray could sleep in me and Lucario’s room. See me and Lucario are not that big and we don’t take up the whole bed, so there is enough room for Ray to sleep at the end of either one. We all went to bed around the same time and boy was I happy to get a full nights rest!
I am going to need it as well! Because tomorrow I am going to do everything in my power to make those mutts talk!
Pokemon Revival Chapter 44 Pride
All right! Here is chapter 44! Sorry about the wait but I hope you all enjoy!

So I was tagged twice by :iconhazelgatoya: I really don't feel like doing two so I will do the first one she sent to me.
1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other people along with the characters you want them to write about (which leads to rule 4).
4. Post their avatars and write the character names next to them
Martin Facts:
1. Lucario was not his starter, he actually met Lucario out in the woods when he was ten and Lucario was a Riolu.
2. Him and Jae are usually at each others throats, but he does have his own reasons, he isn't used to talking to a pokemon who can get at his throat as another human would.
3. His favorite food is Caviar.
4. His favorite drink is milk.
5. He keeps a weapon collection for a reason yet to be revealed.
6. His weapon of choice if he ever had to fight would be a shotgun.
7. He hates Nanaba's quick wits.
8. He doesn't like crowded places.

:iconthunderus-the-wolf: -Tad
:iconinat01: -Nymphy
:iconmoonman246: -Mystic
:iconunversedlupine: -Vaddix
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