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As i said before i love this piece but i want to give a fair critique. The originality, vision and impact are great! Instead of going w...

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Jae (Character Expressions for game!) :iconxetajts:XetaJTS 6 7
Project X Chapter 7 The World he Saw
Once I had fallen asleep I still felt bad that Xeta had to sleep on a pallet. It was his home, so I felt really bad that he kept pampering me. Taking me out to eat, letting me stay here, and all of that. But he insisted, even though I still felt bad though.
I was able to eventually go to sleep though. I had a great sleep, without any interruptions. When I woke up it was still dark. The only light visible was the small remains from the fire he made the previous night. I saw that Xeta was nowhere to be seen though. His phone was making a small light from the floor. I went over to it and saw that he had an alarm set for seven o’clock. I checked the time on the phone and saw it was six thirty. Seems like I woke up early. I wanted to get cleaned up for school but I couldn’t use water or brush my hair effectively without the stuff, and I didn’t want to go rummaging through Xeta’s stuff but I really had no choice. I started rummaging through the few drawers
:iconxetajts:XetaJTS 3 6
Force palm gif! (Click to animate!) :iconxetajts:XetaJTS 10 11 Riolu Animation (For the game) :iconxetajts:XetaJTS 15 16
Pokemon Revival Chapter 38 Snowfield
(Braig POV)
 Jae said we would continue down this path to get to where this guy was holding the hostages. The expression he made as we continued could be summed up in one word, driven. The fire and anger that burned in his eyes were unreal. I have never seen anyone more pissed in my life. He was also muttering the phrase, “not again,” over and over again. I had to know what was up though.
-JAE!- That seemed to get him out of his trance and he turned towards me.
-What?! We need to keep moving!- Before he could leave I started again.
-Jae what is wrong, please there is something else going on here than you just wanting to save your friend, I don’t know what is up with you but please you need to settle down and think before we do this, now please just tell me what has gotten into you!- I screamed.
I saw the anger in his eyes go dim and they lit up again but this time with sadness, -I can’t have it happen again…,- He sai
:iconxetajts:XetaJTS 2 10
Project X Chapter 6 Stick together
-That is what happened,- Xeta finished. He then looked at his fire pit and saw that the deer meat he cooked was finished. He took a pair of tongs with his paws and picked up one and put it on a plate. He then handed it to me as I sat next to him by the fire pit.
“Xeta…. Why did you not tell me about this?” I asked somberly as he got his plate ready and took his first bite.
One he swallowed he continued, -How could I?- He asked.
“What do you mean?” I asked.
-If I showed you…. The day I came back… What would have been your reaction?- He asked.
“Easy question! I would have been there for you and helped you!” I yelled.
He paused before continuing, -But could have guaranteed that?-
“What?” I asked.
-Eat first, I have to do a couple of things, then we will talk again,- He got up and started setting up stuff in the cave. Filling up his gas generator, getting his coat cleaned, and amongst other things. As I ate I watched him mov
:iconxetajts:XetaJTS 3 7
A nice stroll (Riolu Art) :iconxetajts:XetaJTS 17 12
Pokemon Revival Chapter 37 Friends
Damn it, damn it, damn it! This damn car better hurry!
-Jae, what is wrong?- I looked over to Braig and he had a concerned look. I just had my eyes wide open and I looked over to Nanaba.
‘Nanaba! How much longer!’ I screamed through telepathy.
“Another fifteen minutes!” She said.
We wouldn’t get there to save anyone, -Screw it!- I ran to the back of the swat van, kicked the door open and jumped out with my gear. I took a look around and I saw I was close to the path I usually take to get there. I ran to the path and followed it at full speed. I stopped to catch a breath because of the added weight my equipment had. I then heard someone call out to me.
When I turned around it was Lyran, -What are you doing!?-
-What does it look like, getting them the help they need!- I said.
-If you want to help them we need to stick together! What do you think you can do on your own!?- He asked.
-More than I would be
:iconxetajts:XetaJTS 3 19
Lucario 8-bit :iconxetajts:XetaJTS 11 5
Project X Chapter 5 That Night
“Now you will suffer a fate, worse than hell!” With that I ripped the blade right out of the mans back and he fell to the ground screaming. The effects of the syringe started getting to me and my hand felt like it caught on fire.
“How!? Y-you should be out cold! How are you even standing!?” He screamed. In fact how was I standing, as he is making out that this is not a normal thing.
“I honestly don’t know, if I was supposed to be knocked out cold it hasn’t triggered yet, or maybe I am just so f***ing pissed off that my body wont give out until you. Are. DEAD!” After that I charged straight at him, I was a lot faster. He tried to dodge right but I was able to just sidestep so fast it tripped him up. I slashed him with the sword so hard that not only did it cut him but send him flying into my families truck. But once I did I fell clutching my hand in pain. I sat there in agony as the pain progressed.
With a ri
:iconxetajts:XetaJTS 4 8
Lucario Gif :iconxetajts:XetaJTS 14 9 Riolu Sprite! :iconxetajts:XetaJTS 8 14
Pokemon Revival Chapter 36 Falling Lightning
(Raiden POV)
I woke up that morning to the sun shining through one of the windows in our room. I looked over in my nest with my one good eye to see my mate Sharara still asleep with her head laying against my side. I waited a minute before I decided to get up and made sure to not disturb her as I did. I walked out of our room and into the living room where I saw my son playing with some of his toys.
He noticed me walk in, -Hey dad!- He said to me.
-Morning son,- I replied.
-Time for you to go out dad!?- He asked.
-Yep, you know how it goes!- I said.
-Wait here!- He told me. I waited for a minute as he ran into the kitchen. When he came back he had some berries with him. -Here you go! Breakfast!- He said.
I gave him a warm smile, -Thanks son!- I said.
-No problem!- He said. I told my son bye as I ran off to meet up with my partner. He was a manetric. He had been my partner on the force for a while now. He was pretty good at his job
:iconxetajts:XetaJTS 3 19
Project X Chapter 4 Savior
Once I left the forest I knew I had to get home somehow, and my parents already said that they were not going to pick me up since I did this anyway. I called my friends but they said they were too busy to come help me. I didn’t have any other relatives that I could call either so my only chance of making it home was to walk.
Which really sucks because I live a couple of miles away from the school. I also had to go through the town to get there, this will be a long night. It was already dark when I got to the halfway point home. That was a really bad decision on my part. I started pondering to myself why I didn’t talk to him, why I just took off like that. Even though I saw what he did to that deer that doesn’t change that he is still my friend. Whatever force led me to walk away must have had a good reason to. Maybe Xeta is taking his families death worse than I thought. I don’t really know but I guess he is just in a dark place now, and he need
:iconxetajts:XetaJTS 4 13
Pokemon Revival Chapter 35 Infiltration
(Author's Note: Okay so i have a confession to make. I have some reasons as to why i have had late posts. First off is that i now have two stories, i switch between the two every time i make a chapter, so i do one for Revival then one for Project X. That is how it goes. Next is about school, i have had a project  had to do and some work i have to do on the computer before the break is over so that has kept me busy, also i have been hanging out with a friend for the past few days so that is another reason. Then comes the personal stuff. My family is spiraling out of control, it is hard to get inspiration when i am dealing with what they are putting me through, it is hard right now, very hard. But don't fret! I am still going to write! It is what i promised i will do and what i will continue to do! ALSO! GREAT NEWS! There isan rpg make game coming out for the 3ds in july, i am going to try and get it so i can make an rpg of this! Any takers who have a 3ds wanna play it! Dont fret ei
:iconxetajts:XetaJTS 3 16
Project X Chapter 3 Unrecognized
Later that night after seeing the message that Xeta had left for me I decided it was time for me to go to bed. I had to get up at five so I could catch my bus, so to make sure I was not tired I made sure to go to bed early. Once I had fallen asleep I had a dream.
I opened my eyes looking up at the sky. Once I sat up I saw I was in a field of violets. I took my time standing up and saw that I was in a white dress. I took a look around at my surroundings and saw in all directions were more of these flowers. I kept looking back and forth, nothing but the Violets. I then looked up at the sky and it was cloudy, but the sun still shined through them. I decided I would walk until I got somewhere. I kept walking for hours. Even though I wasn’t tired I was sick of walking. I decided to just sit in the flowers and rest. I sat there thinking to myself about what all of this meant until something tapped my shoulder.
When I looked back I saw Xeta! But he was different. He was we
:iconxetajts:XetaJTS 4 7


Pathways :iconlucarioocarina:LucarioOcarina 28 3 Kara. (In the dark zone). :iconmoonman246:MoonMan246 2 3
A Reminder
We are all connected like the grapes on the vine, ready to snap at the blink of an eye, whether it be via difference,
Must we all fight in a fake war? One motivated by our thoughts,
The chances of us ever gaining profit from our “Crusade” is nil.
We all bleed the same.
We all die eventually.
We can choose to help one another out though. Isn’t that what humanity stands for? Is it really “human beings collectively",
Or is it just one grand lie to keep us in false hope.
We can’t forget we have the chance.
The chance we can unite as one, one successful swarm in this hive we decide to call Earth.
Just a reminder.
:iconunversedlupine:UnversedLupine 5 7
Aura in the Water :iconstarwarrior001:STARWARRIOR001 7 5 BW Portrait :iconcolorfullymonotone:ColorfullyMonotone 102 26 [COM] Cute Witch :iconrainbow000pegasus:rainbow000pegasus 28 38 The Return of Hiccup :iconriolufan1987:RioluFan1987 21 57 Sadness Is In The Air 2 :iconriolufan1987:RioluFan1987 13 14 Drunken Kailob :iconriolufan1987:RioluFan1987 12 176 Cold Water :iconriolufan1987:RioluFan1987 18 13 Page Five :iconriolufan1987:RioluFan1987 10 39
Draw My OC Contest Time!
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Jae (Character Expressions for game!)
So here are the expressions for the character Jae in the game I am making! Instead of one picture for each character I made expressions for them now! Hope you all like!

Game Demo Link (Note-These are not in the game yet!)…
Once I had fallen asleep I still felt bad that Xeta had to sleep on a pallet. It was his home, so I felt really bad that he kept pampering me. Taking me out to eat, letting me stay here, and all of that. But he insisted, even though I still felt bad though.
I was able to eventually go to sleep though. I had a great sleep, without any interruptions. When I woke up it was still dark. The only light visible was the small remains from the fire he made the previous night. I saw that Xeta was nowhere to be seen though. His phone was making a small light from the floor. I went over to it and saw that he had an alarm set for seven o’clock. I checked the time on the phone and saw it was six thirty. Seems like I woke up early. I wanted to get cleaned up for school but I couldn’t use water or brush my hair effectively without the stuff, and I didn’t want to go rummaging through Xeta’s stuff but I really had no choice. I started rummaging through the few drawers in his cave and was really shocked. In one of his drawers was just a bunch of photos of different people. I picked up one and looked at it. When I turned it around my eyes widened.
On the back was a name, with the last name being Shidel, and it had years going from one to another! I picked up another, it was the same. I was so confused as to why these photos where in here. Then it dawned on me, these were his family members, every single one of them! From children, to adults, to elders, they were all there. He must have gotten these when he was at the police station, this was all he had left of his family.
I then looked over to his family photo and gave it a major look. I noticed some cuts in the photo through the glass so I opened it up. It was three individual photos stuck together. Two of them were the photos of his parents, one was a burned picture of his brother, and the last one was him now, in his disguise with the red eyes, putting on a noticeably fake smile.
I just looked at it in sadness, he really has lost everything, and now most of what he has now is just fabricated, his home, his family photo, and even his identity. He was all alone now, these pictures are lies, this is not the photo of a happy, together family, but a destroyed and broken one. I swear, if I find the people who did this to him I will make them pay!
I then put the photos back into their holder and just as I finished I heard footsteps coming from the entrance of the cave. I was about to say something but what was at the entrance made my mouth shut. It was Xeta, he wasn’t wearing his coat, and he had been covered in blood while carrying the carcass of a deer. The sight made me flinch in horror. He seemed to not take notice of me and sat down the carcass of the deer in the corner of the room. I was still in a state of shock just watching him, it reminded me of the time I saw him attack that other deer, and when he attacked the three men. Then he turned around.
He took one look at me and his eyes went wide. I saw him look at me, look down at himself, then his paws, then back to the deer, and then to me once more. I still just stood there with the same shocked expression.
His muzzle then changed to one of sorrow and shame, -I know it’s bloody, I know it isn’t pretty, but this is how I live now,- He then walked over to the pallet and sat down, -Go, if you want to leave I wont judge you,- His words shocked me even more than the blood ever could.
“Why would I leave?” I asked innocently.
-Are you seriously asking that question? You said it yourself, I am nothing but a goddamn animal,- He said.
“WAIT! You know I didn’t mean that, a..and I wont leave or judge you for this, there is nothing different from what you are doing than any other hunter would do!” I said.
-Didn’t you tell me once you hated hunters?- He asked without looking at me.
“W-well, yes but…it’s different now, instead of just hunting for sport you are hunting to eat,” I explained.
-I guess so, but I can still sense that you are terrified of me,- Xeta said. I was about to say no but I remembered he could read emotions.
“Well….  I wouldn’t say scared of you but the situation. I mean as you said those people could still be after you, that is one. Two, as humans we're scared of things that are alien and new, this is all a lot to take in Xeta, you understand right?” I asked.
-Yeah, I get it, your afraid, I am too…..thank you,- He said.
“For what?” I asked.
-The truth, and for sticking with me through this, I think you were the only thing really keeping me going y’know?- He asked.
“Yeah, I guess so,” I said. “Hey Xeta? I want to get my hair and stuff done, you got somewhere I can do that?” I asked.
-Yeah, I sometimes go to the bathroom at the park that is nearby,- He said.
“Isn’t it really gross?” I asked.
-Not anymore! Yours truly cleaned it up!- He exclaimed.
“OH! Neat!” I said.
-But you will have to wait a minute, I will get myself cleaned off and then come back!- He said.
“Wait! What about the deer?” I asked.
-Oh, when I drop you off I will come back here, do what I need to do, then I will come back to get you so we can head to school!- He said with a smile.
“O-Okay!” I said.
He ran off out the entrance and I went back to getting my things done. Getting my clothes looking nice and all that. When Xeta got back he actually had a surprise for me.
-Hey! So I didn’t really have anything here for you to use so I got you a comb and some hairspray so you can fix up your hair!- He said while handing the bag with the stuff to me.
“You really didn’t have to do that for me! I don’t want you to feel like I am using you,” I said sadly.
-You are kidding right, you are the first person I have really been able to talk to since this all started! I have to repay you somehow!- He said.
“But, I didn’t do anything,” I said.
-See that is the thing, that is the reason I want to do this for you, you didn’t do anything, others would have run, but you didn’t!- He said with a smile. He then told me to come on so I would have time to get ready. We got to the restroom he was talking about. It was a unisex restroom  and when he opened it up I saw he wasn’t lying. It wasn’t dirty, there were no bugs, and the walls were actually shiny!
-No one was really using it but the town still has to pay for the water, so I GET FREE PLUMMING!- He cheered.
“You weren’t kidding, how did you clean it up like this?” I asked.
-Well you already know how fast I am while running, I am able to go faster than most things, hell I think I could outrun a cheetah, maybe by only a mile or so but still, probably the fastest hunter out there now!- He exclaimed.
“I guess so, I am gonna get ready okay?” I asked.
-Gotcha!- He said. I then shut the door. I cleaned up my hair, got it styled and all that. But then I realized I was missing something.
-Hey! There are a few toothbrushes on the counter there, the blue one is mine!- I heard Xeta say in my head. I grabbed the red toothbrush and started brushing my teeth. Once I did that I used the restroom and I went to the door. I exited the bathroom and saw that Xeta had already left to go do stuff at the cave. I waited for about a good five minutes before he came back and said he had to use the restroom. He entered and I waited for him outside.
Then it dawned on me, how does he use the restroom?
He then exited after doing everything and I asked, “Hey Xeta, how do you use the restroom? I know that sounds stupid but I mean, with the new body and such isn’t it kind of… you know…” I couldn’t continue.
-Just know it took a lot of practice!- He said kind of awkwardly. I dropped that conversation as fast as it started. He then looked at his phone to check the time.
-Oh hey, we roughly have a good thirty minutes before school starts, wanna grab a bite from somewhere?- He asked.
“Uh, sure but where?” I asked.
-Chick-Fil-A!- He exclaimed. He picked me up and he ran at full speed until we hit the town. We got there about three minutes later. He then walked to the local Chick-Fil-A to get us something to eat. He said I would have to order for obvious reasons and he said he wanted some coca-cola and some chicken minis. I actually wanted the same just I would rather have some orange juice with mine. Once we got inside he sent me a message saying he would get us a table.
Once it was my turn at the counter I recognized the person who was taking orders. It was my friend Jackie! She had short, brown hair with red highlights and short bangs. She wore really big circular glasses and had green eyes.
She then took notice of me, “OH! Elizabeth! I didn’t expect to see you here!” She said in her kind, high-pitched voice.
“Hey Jackie, yeah I wanted to get something to eat before I headed to school, and I see work based learning is still giving you wonders!” I replied.
“You know it! Sooooo, I saw you enter in with Xeta,” She said mischievously.
“Yeah, he let me stay at his place!” I said a little nervous.
“OH HE DID! So did yo-“
“NO! No he just let me stay over there, even took me out to dinner last night!” I blurted out.
“Teehee, I was only playing Elizabeth, you don’t have to get so worked up, anyway do your parents know you were alone with a boy last night?” She asked.
“You know that really isn’t funny on multiple levels, he lost his family Jackie!” I said seriously.
She cringed at that, “Ah shit, I forgot, I am so sorry. Anyway enough of my rambling, what would you like to order?” I gave her my order and went to sit down with Xeta.
-So what was that about, make sure to whisper okay?- He instructed.
“It was my friend, I told her we were together last night and she took it way too literal,” I replied quietly.
-Ah, let her have some fun, she really isn’t doing any harm though,- He said.
“Yeah I guess, but still it is kind of insensitive for her to say alone with you, because literally we were, you don’t live with anyone anymore,” I said.
-Yeah I guess, but people try to make light of bad situations, that is how it has always been, you don’t want to remind someone of tragedy, you want to try to get it off their chest,- He said.
“Yeah, I guess you are right,” In no time at all our food was here and I said thank you while Xeta just nodded. I think the person that brought out our food was a little pissed that Xeta didn’t say thank you but I think he realized when his eyes widened looking at Xeta’s disguised neck.
As we ate Xeta just sat there quietly, but then he sent me a message, -Hey, did I ever tell you where my name comes from?- He said.
“That is a little odd, what is this about?” I asked.
-I don’t know, just feeling a little reminiscent,- He said.
“Well no you haven’t,” I said.
-Well this is how I got my name, as you know I was my mom and dad’s first child. They were both around twenty or so when my mom became pregnant with me. They had planned out everything for me to come into this world, checking what sex I was and getting toys for me, all that good stuff. They apparently were so excited to meet their son, always talking about me to people they know and bragging about how great everything would be. Hell they did it so much people started finding them extremely annoying. I always found that funny to me. Anyway later on down the line they started getting signs that I would be coming soon. Then that day finally came. My mother had gone into labor and my father had gotten her into the car and ready to go! He drove about half the distance they needed before tragedy struck, the car broke down. My parents thought they would still be able to get the pregnancy over with even thought they weren’t at the hospital. There were other people around to help them but then another problem showed its ugly head. I wasn’t coming out, they were going to have to do a C-section or I would die. Thankfully some kind-hearted military man offered to drive them to the hospital after all the selfish bastards who were there couldn’t. They made it just in time and got me out. I was then handed over to my mom and apparently as they described they made the biggest smiles they ever made in their lives. Coolest thing too is that the military guy was able to come in and see me too, since he helped save me and all. When he came in and saw me he asked a simple question, “What’s his name?” Wanna hear the funniest thing, my parents forgot to come up with a name! After all that planning, after all the preparation, they forgot to come up with a name! How ironic is that!?- Xeta then started giving off this laugh that sounded kind of like growling. I joined in on the laughter as well because in truth it was kind of funny.
-Anyway, they had not thought of a name for me, and they were having trouble deciding, then they thought of something. They asked the soldier what his name was. His name was Theodore, and my parents immediately turned down that option. But then they noticed something on the tag where his name was. Apparently it was a codename. His whole squad apparently all had code names and they immediately fell in love with the name.- He said.
“It was Xeta! Wasn’t it!?” I exclaimed.
-Yes it was, my parents thought it was fitting, since he was the one who saved me, and I actually agree with that!- He happily said.
“Oh where is Theodore now?” I asked.
-He…he is no longer with us, he died during the Afghanistan war, apparently saving one of his friends,- He said sadly.
“Oh, I am sorry,” I said.
He shook his head, -Don’t be, I respect him, he put others lives above his own, that shows value in a person!-
“Heh, I guess you are right, stuck with that attitude till the end huh?” I asked.
-I guess so!- He said. We then continued to eat our food just enjoying ourselves as we ate. I saw Xeta take out his phone and check the time.
-Seven thirty, we got about fifteen minutes to get to school,- He said.
“Okay, hey say I forgot! I want your number so I can speak to you!” I said.
-Well I mean sure we can text but, I wont be able to speak,- He said.
I stopped what I was doing, “Does everything just gotta be so god-damn difficult?” I asked to no one in particular.
Xeta gave me a smile, -Life ain’t fun if it is easy now, right?- He said.
I then handed him my phone with a smile, “Yeah, I guess you are!” We traded contacts and got ourselves ready to head out after we ate. He led me to the forest again, apparently people would ask questions if they saw a boy in a black coat carrying around a woman at full speed, so yeah forest it was! He carried me at full speed until we made it to the forest near the school, with seven minutes to spare!
“Xeta, you sure know these forests well huh?” I asked.
-It is where I live now, I have to know them well, if I didn’t  would get lost!- He said.
“Have you gotten lost before?” I asked.
-You kidding!? I spent an entire night a few days ago just trying to figure out where my cave was! This place is like a maze! If you don’t know where you are going you will get lost!- He said.
“So you're used to it now?” I asked.
-Pretty much, with my speed it makes it easier and I have thoroughly searched this forest, I still get sidetracked sometimes but that is an easy fix!- We then walked up to the school and we headed to our first period together.
We sat down at our normal seat and waited for the class to start. I think I will enjoy school a lot more now that I have Xeta back, the real Xeta!
Project X Chapter 7 The World he Saw
Sorry this took so long! School had been giving me trouble but it is here now! Sorry for the wait and please enjoy!
Sorry to put this out there it's just, where is everyone at.Looking Up 

I usually see comments show up from a couple of you out there but i haven't heard from anyone except for Ina. So really i just want to make sure everyone is all right and kicking. Just let me know, really i just want to make sure everyone is doing okay and nothing bad has happened.Looking Down 


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I am a new writer on DeviantArt. I have been here for a little while now, a couple of months and have been an active writer and artist. My skills are improving as i move along, and i hopefully will get professional. If you have any questions please don't be afraid to ask.



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Hello, thank you for the watch ! I hope you'll enjoy my next deviations :)
XetaJTS Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
You got it! Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (PMD) - Lucario (happy) 
Popokko Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
hello! nice to see a fellow writer :'D though honestly I have written proper short stories in years ; u ;
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